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Great Reads 2011 vol.1

by - Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope you have had wonderful holidays so far. These days, I want nothing more than to relax, spend time with family and friends, and snuggle up with a stack of blogs, books, and magazines. Last year, I ran a series called Great Reads where I asked some of my favorite bloggers to highlight their favorite post they had written in the past year. It was so much fun, I decided to do it all again this year...

I have some fabulous bloggers lined up for your reading pleasure over the next five days. Today, its all about the RENOVATORS & DECORATORS.

These handy folks definitely know how to transform a space. With tools in hand, they can take a room from boring to oh-so-beautiful. From building roofs from scratch to renovating houses, tearing down walls, and transforming small rooms with DIY ingenuity, they always impress me with their skills.

The spaces they create are memorable, inspirational, and original (a difficult thing to do in blog world!). When I read these blogs, I'm always motivated to go build something. Maybe you will be too.


ABOUT THE BLOG: Hazardous Design is a documentation of a home renovation on Hazard Ave. My husband and I are going room by room through our 125 year old house to update it into the 21st Century. In addition to documenting the renovations as they happen, Hazardous Design is also where I gather ideas and inspiration for future projects.

FAVORITE POST: My favorite post of 2011, "A Fairy Tale About French Bistro Bar Stools" is one of those future projects. Our kitchen may still be stuck in the past, but every time I read this post I slip into the world of make believe and imagine it has been beautifully remodeled. A girl can dream! 


ABOUT THE BLOG: Young House Love is basically a DIY diary of all of our failures and successes as we make our house a home as affordably as possible.  

FAVORITE POST: Here are a few links of our two favorite posts for ya (ack - it was a tie): 
a) (because it shows how it's a slow process to make a house over- definitely doesn't happen overnight!) 
b) (because it was a really fun project that turned out really well - we love the unexpected indigo paint and the giant shade that we scored on sale)


ABOUT THE BLOG: House*Tweaking is a blog designated to tweaking all things house and home. Right now, we're in the midst of renovating a dilapidated 1950's brick ranch - not our dream house but, hopefully, the house in which to pursue our dreams.

FAVORITE POST: My favorite DIY project this year was the 'love' headboard we created from old fence boards found at my husband's family farm. It was easy, inexpensive, upcycled, unique and, most of all, meaningful. We enjoy using furniture, art and accessories in our home that have a story behind them. Thanks so much for asking me to participate!


ABOUT THE BLOG: My blog what would I say about my blog? Well, Just Beachy is my little spot to share my love of interior design , family and even a little baking. Just Beachy has evolved into my personal outlet for my passions which mostly have turned out to be carpentry, I love to add character to my home and I’m no longer afraid of a nail gun. My philosophy is that a home should be pretty even when its empty, decorating is great but it’s the bones that set a house apart. My blog will be changing over the coming year as I share our journey of us buying and building my dream home, should be an interesting ride , lots of fun to come.

FAVORITE POST: My favorite post from 2011 would have to be here I take you on a little tour of our summer guest house aka bunkie. I have always dreamed of adding an out building to our small suburban lot , a place for slumber parties and winter storage. This summer we finally took the plunge and worked away completely on our own and build a sweet little guest house. We did have a chance or two to try it out in the warmer months , it’s a good thing too because we are leaving it behind for the new owners , I hope they enjoy it as much as I planned we would.


ABOUT THE BLOG: I am so honored to be included in Jen's list! I am such a huge fan of Jen and her blog. In fact, it was one of the first blogs that I followed with regularity. I am a fairly new blogger--little over a year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the new projects and new friends it has brought my way. My interior design business offers renovations, from 'the ground up' builds, and decorating. My blog shares my design projects, my DIY and art projects, my inspirations, my teenagers, my dogs and just the craziness of it all.

FAVORITE POST: I think my favorite post is the one sharing my own budget friendly bath redo. Probably because it a rarity when I finally complete a project in my own home! Every bit of it we did ourselves--the tiling, the wainscoting, the sewing and the sharpie created wallpaper. Saving money always makes it a little more lovely, right?!!_schumacher_birds_DIY_/

Come back every day this week for more must-read posts!

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