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Great Reads 2011 vol.2

by - Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Day Two of the Great Reads 2011 tour, where I ask some fabulous bloggers to pick their favorite post they had written in the past year. Check out Day One here. For today, I have the most inspiring group of women lined up. Stylish and talented, these ladies impress me with their ability to run businesses, live creatively and playfully, dress themselves and their kiddos so fashionably, while also being great teachers and mothers to their children. They are so versatile, I can't wait to see what they picked for their favorite posts...


ABOUT THE BLOG: Design Mom covers the intersection of motherhood and design. It's a site where you can find inspiration, real advice, beautiful ideas and everything you need to live a curated, happy life with your children.

FAVORITE POST: I love this post, because the comments are soooo good! I love reading women's thoughts on beauty.


ABOUT THE BLOG: Hi! I'm Natalie author of The Busy Budgeting It's your shortcut to home and hostess ideas, recipes &super-mom-motherhood. I'm married to a youth minister & mother of two girls living on a tight budget.

FAVORITE POST: I love DIY projects and throwing parties. My most recent party was for my girls who were turning 1 and 3. We threw a Story Book Princess Party. My favorite details from it have to be the $4 DIY Cardboard Castle that made their imaginations run wild!    


ABOUT THE BLOG: I'm Design Editor, also known as Catherine Davis. I'm a graphic designer, wife and mom to 2-year-old twins celebrating all things design. You'll find posts on graphic design like weekly font picks, free downloads and anything artsy craftsy. I have an Etsy shop that's an extension of my blog, Design Editor Shop, which features digital downloads and printable items. Stop by and say hello!

FAVORITE POST: My favorite post from 2011 would have to be the one I did on my Week In The Life album. I recorded a week in my family's life through words and photos and shared how I put it all together. It combines my love for graphic design and the most important people in my life. So cool. Plus, I had such great feedback from readers and people saying they were inspired by it which means the world to me.


ABOUT THE BLOG: Aubrey & Lindsay's "Little House Blog" is a blog that chronicles Lindsay's obsession with all things creative - between interior decorating, DIY Projects, being a stay at home Mom, and running a stationery studio, Lindsay documents each in weekly posts.

FAVORITE POST: Hi! Picking a post was incredibly hard  for me as this year was filled with such lovely memories and DIY projects. If I were to pick a single post, it may be my Ikea Ribba Frame hack that was inspired by Sarah Richardson. I picked this one because it's such an EASY project to do to add colour to a room. I heart Ikea. :) (Ps., thanks for including me!) xo - Lindsay


ABOUT THE BLOG & FAVORITE POST: 2011 was a challenging year for me. In the New Year, I found myself alone, raising 2 young men and not long after, the devastating Brisbane floods hit. There was a lot of pain in my life so I sought refuge in my blog and my blog community. I did a blog post about 'Ken', my brother's partner's father. He lost every single thing he owned in the flood... his home, his clothes, his car, his treasured books. He was not insured. 

The emails I received after that post and the offers of support that came in from my blog readers moved me to tears. My readers donated over $4000 to help Ken, who was sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the ruins of his home. He had no hot water and no electricity. The funds raised enabled him to have a new hot water system installed pronto and an electrician connected up some safe power in order for him to be able to boil a jug. We purchased new gyprock and replaced the walls in his kitchen and a new kitchen was installed. To be able to help a helpless man in such need through my blog lifted my heart so much. I am eternally grateful for this blog medium. I can reach out to a community and help people. It has helped me take the focus off my problems and see the world on a much grander scale. It has helped me through the most difficult year of my life.


ABOUT THE BLOG: On ish & chi, I write about the journey in turning my cottage house into a home for my son and I. Along the way I also share my inspiration, decorating ideas, fashion and sometimes my crazy love for all things related to the circus.

FAVORITE POST: My favourite post of this year was writing about my son Robert's new bedroom:

I first started my blog when I was decorating Robert's nursery and years later, here I am, decorating a room for a toddler. We then added new art to finish it off and he loves his new room:

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    Fixed! Thanks!!

  2. I think the 2010 link just takes us back to here.  

  3. Just finished reading Design Mom's favorite post... what a thought provoking topic and so many great comments!

  4. I"m enjoying this series so much.  I know many of the blogs, but some are new to me and are amazing.  What a great idea.

  5. Thanks Jen again for the great read!  I love the DIY light in a bottle and monogram cup projects by Design Mom, the amazing home of ish & chi, and of course the dear Lindsay with her take on ribba hack! 

  6. Wbrock12:33 PM

    Thank you for this list! I love finding new and great blogs to follow!

    Great idea!

    Whitney @


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