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Great Reads 2011 vol.3

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Are you enjoying the Great Reads 2011 tour so far? I'm so blown away by the wealth of talent there is out in the blogosphere. None more so than by this next group who I'll call THE ARTISTS.

These ladies and gentleman have what you'd call "the eye". Whether creating works of art, decorating spaces for adults or the wee ones too, sharing unique party ideas, or putting together outfits, they show a discerning talent for the visual. The way they use colour and texture is inspirational. Visiting their blogs is always a visual treat! I think you'll agree once you take a look at their favorite posts...

ABOUT THE BLOG: Lay Baby Lay is a blog dedicated to providing unique nursery inspiration and delight, interspersed with a glimpse here and there into life with baby.

FAVORITE POST: I would have to say my favorite post from 2011 is the one that I recently did on Vivi's birthday: 

It was the icing on the cake for this year and I had been looking forward to that day since she was born.  I was excited to celebrate that we had made it as a family our first year, that we had managed to figure a few things out though we still have much to learn, and it was so much fun and truly a labor of love to put together.  Somehow it seemed like a big accomplishment to me, and I breathed a sigh of relief that we made it through this first crazy year!  It was a really special day, with close friends and family gathering to celebrate with us, and I know Vivi felt so loved, even if she was a bit overwhelmed!  It was also the beginning of my favorite season of the year - Christmas, and I'm so excited we can enjoy it with her this year.  Last year, she was just a few weeks old, and we were all too sleep deprived and overwhelmed to participate much, so I am especially grateful we can celebrate it well this season! 

As for my favorite nursery design, that is difficult to pick, but I do love this one: 

It's so fresh and clean, and I think it would make for a really fun room that would grow well with baby.    I had debated between navy and turquoise for Vivi's nursery, so this kind of look was a close second - maybe next time around, if we are so blessed!


ABOUT THE BLOG: Making it Lovely is a design blog about living a stylish life and transforming the so-so.

FAVORITE POST: I love the way my little Eleanor's new bedroom turned out!


ABOUT THE BLOG: The Sweetest Occasion is a lifestyle and design blog sharing stylish inspiration for weddings, parties and living a life full of celebration.

FAVORITE POST: It's so hard to pick just one post as a favorite, but our DIY party animal candles ( were a huge hit with readers and kind of sum up what The Sweetest Occasion is all about - pretty and fun unexpected touches that bring a little sparkle to everyday life.


ABOUT THE BLOG: Marcus Design blog is a place where I share my journey renovating my little rancher with my hubby, experiment with a few DIYs, and of course showcase the decor, artwork, and fashion I am being inspired by!

FAVORITE POST: Choosing my favorite post of the year wasn't easy - thank you for the chance to reflect Jen! It came down to my own projects, it's always a bit intimidating to share your own work but also fun and encouraging to get feedback from others. I'd have to say it's a tie between my Dorothy Draper Ikea dressers and my DIY grid-panelled walls.


ABOUT THE BLOG: DesignMaze is devoted to all things interior design/decoration, plus a few good things in life. It is my portal to share with you my latest finds, DIY + Transformation projects, insider scoop of designer trade shows, and recaps of inspiring design shows on TV.

FAVORITE POST: I've had so much fun in 2011 and it is difficult for me to pick one as my favourite post. However, I finally narrowed down to one and my favourite is the 100th post on DesignMaze! This post summarizes my journey to interior decorating, the great honour to be featured on TV and other online design media, and most importantly the many amazingly talented individuals I've met through my blog. 


Fabulous favorites, right? A few more days left of the tour so I hope you'll drop by again tomorrow.

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