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Great Reads 2011 vol.4

by - Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Great Reads 2011 tour stops in the Great White North today as I highlight some wonderful fellow Canadian bloggers! I've had the pleasure of meeting most of the ladies on today's list and they are as beautiful as they are talented. Their design styles are as diverse as the cities they hail from. Let's see what must-read posts they've chosen...


ABOUT THE BLOG: Let me start by thanking Jen for including me in her Great Reads series!  I am truly honored!   My blog is called Our House (original title—I know) and I like to document the fun everyday happenings of my home—the always entertaining (and never ending) renovation process, the crazy moments of life with kids, all the DIY projects I get myself (and sometimes my husband) into, the joy of a good thrift store find, and all the things that inspire me! 

FAVORITE POST: Now about my favorite 2011 post.  Almost exactly a year ago I decided that 2011 would be the year that I learned the art of upholstery.  I then proceeded to announce my plan to reupholster a tufted wing chair on my blog—and then panicked a little when I began to realize what I’d gotten myself into.  But, after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears I FINALLY completed my first project!  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and blogged about it here:


ABOUT THE BLOG: Life Begins at Thirty, Right? is a blog about me, my husband and our house. It tracks our renovations (both large and small) and the frustrations that come with living in a 15' wide Victorian rowhouse in Toronto. Sometimes it is funny, but not always intentionally so :-)

FAVORITE POST: Picking a favourite post wasn't too difficult. You'd think it would be my bathroom reveal. Or maybe the day the basement reno was finished. Nope. My favourite post was the pinnacle in my war against a well known Toronto predator. Read on...


ABOUT THE BLOG: Barbara is a caffeine-fueled design aficionado that makes her home on Canada’s “wet” coast. She is the author of hodge:podge, a blog that showcases her frugal do-it-yourself projects, room makeovers, and interviews with fabulous Canadians, inspirational interiors and anything else that tickles her fancy.

FAVORITE POST: This wasn't difficult to pick!! I'd have to say my interviews with fabulously talented Canadians I feature in my series, "So Canadian, eh?" has been so gratifying to write. What I love the best about the series is meeting and getting to know various bloggers and designers across Canada, famous and not-so-famous. One interview in particularly stands out though, it was such a dream of mine to interview Tommy Smythe! He is such a talented designer, full of wit, charm and charisma, hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did: 


ABOUT THE BLOG: Cozy Cottage Cute is a little mish-mash of a blog where I like to share a few of my creative hobbies: renovating our 1940’s home, decorating (in white of course), antique shopping, furniture refinishing, sewing, baking, and photography. Project ADD always seems to keep things interesting in my neck of the woods, hee hee.

FAVORITE POST: One of my favourite posts of the year would have to be a simple shelf makeover: Shelf Before and After + A Shelf Vignette. This post incorporates so many of my obsessions: antique shopping, DIY, a furniture makeover, decorating, as well as some pretty photos. It basically sums up what I love..... all things white and cute. ;)


ABOUT THE BLOG: First of all, thanks Jen for including me! I'm an Interior Decorator sharing "ideas and inspiration to live well in your home" which is the tagline of Decor Happy. It's where I write about what's inspiring me, a new find or event, client work and anything I think will be of value to readers who have taken time out of their busy day to stop by my blog.

FAVORITE POST: My favourite posts are ones where I write about a design project I have worked on. I think reader's really appreciate a good Before and After! Oftentimes, I'm brought in at various stages during a project so capturing the Before and/or After may not happen. I am really proud of this bathroom I designed where the clients gave me free rein to come up with something beautiful that reflected their tastes and budget. Early next year, I will share the professionally photographed images from this project: 


ABOUT THE BLOG: Thanks so much for including me, Jennifer. I love your blog and look forward to checking out all the other great reads! Just Bella is my little piece of the internet dedicated to all things beautiful. I am new mom writing about the things I love - life, home, design, food, travel, and - watch out! - I might even get crafty on you!

FAVORITE POST: It has been a pretty big year around here starting off with some exciting news that has really influenced the content of my blog posts. I announced in February that my husband and I were expecting a little babe and on November 9 our daughter Alice Michaela made her way into the world.

As you can imagine its been a year of baby fever, so rolling with that theme one my favourite posts has got to be Alice's nursery reveal. This room is so special to me, not only was it fun to design a room from top to bottom, but knowing that our little babe was going to live in it made it that much better.  Now that my girl, Alice has arrived I love it even more and have spent many hours and sleepless nights enjoying it. My favourite room in the house for my favourite little girl :)


Call me biased, but I think we have incredible design talent across our fair country ;) I've got one more day of Great Reads to introduce to you so come back tomorrow for the tour finale!

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