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Kids Room Decor Ideas

by - Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My talk at the One Of A Kind Show has come and gone. There was only a small audience but it was still fun to get up there and talk about design, which I love to do. I thought I'd share with you some of the ideas and trends I mentioned in my talk, "Inspired Style For Kids' Spaces".

Kids Room Decor Ideas


When you have a newborn in the house, its fun to have mementoes to commemorate those special "firsts" - first Christmas ornament, first pair of booties - but what do you do with those things when they've been outgrown? I say put a box on it! 

Here's a scrapbox I made using a photo of Chloe from her first Christmas and the personalized ornament I bought her. I put them in an Ikea frame and now I have a 3D piece of art that can be enjoyed year round. You can create a scrapbox out of almost anything - birthday decor like I did here, clothing items, or use a favourite toy like Lindsay did.

Clothing As Art

Chloe has a better wardrobe than I do. I'm sure you other moms of little girls out there can relate. But sadly, those cute little clothes are quickly outgrown and don't get nearly enough wear. So why not pull out those clothes and use them as art? Dresses, shirts, superhero capes... all you need is a pretty knob or a hook and you can instantly add colour and pattern and texture to your child's room.

Photo from The Marion House Book
Photo from Ohdeedoh via The Boo and the Boy


I'm seeing more and more teepees in kid spaces. Its a trend I love - who wouldn't want a cozy private space to read or nap or just get away from your annoying siblings? 

Here's a photo of my setup at the One Of A Kind Show. For my talk, I brought along a teepee that I made with my sister and nephews and niece. There are lots of teepee tutorials out there (we used this one with a few modifications). We decided on a six pole design to maximize space so all three kids could fit inside, and used painters' dropcloth so the kids could customize the look of the teepee. If you have the space in your child's bedroom or playroom, this is one DIY project they will surely love.

Think Big

In kids rooms, there is a lot of visual chaos: storage, colourful toys and books, clothing, accessories. To minimize that clutter somewhat, I suggest incorporating some larger pieces into the artwork on the walls. Large scale art like these marbled paper originals by Studio Robert Wu add colour and sophistication. Wouldn't they look great paired with your daughter's fingerpaintings?


Those are just a few of the tips I shared for creating unique and fun kids' spaces. Do you have any favourite ideas you've used in your own home? Or maybe you want to share your kids' space? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to see!

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