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Pinspirations! Vol.6

by - Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Its time for more Pinspirations!, a collection of my favourite Pinners, Boards, and Pins.

On a sidenote: I know I'm not very regular with this series - and I know "the rules" say that bloggers should have regular schedules because readers like consistency, but I tend to blog about what catches my fancy and am not good planning posts in advance - so hopefully you don't mind my "consistent inconsistency" ;)

Pinner: Sharmilla Brown

I've known Sharmilla for years. We 'met' on a wedding chat board - I fell in love with her wedding invitations and wedding decor. She has a fabulous eye for colour and a sweetly retro vintage style that I adore. Her Ship Shape board is so great for nautical decor inspiration, and she has fun boards for all sizes of littles - the boys, the baby, and the teenage daughter.

Board: Holidays by Sarah_Milne

Sarah is a web and graphic designer who writes the blog, Daffodil Design. Much like her blog, this board is full of fun colourful crafty goodness. I've already spotted at least one idea on her board that I'd like to try before Christmas arrives!

Pin: From The Desk of Santa Claus by Design Editor

I tweeted about this free printable a few days ago but thought I would share it here too. What a great idea this is! I've already printed this out and will be writing a note thanking Chloe for the cookies and milk she'll be leaving out for the big guy on Christmas Eve. Clever and cute.

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