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On Parenting: Odds & Ends

by - Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I was visiting over at Brooklyn Limestone yesterday to participate in Stefanie's Conquered Closet series. Head on over to see what "little" cluttered space we conquered.


Have you heard of Bella Child magazine? Its an online magazine published quarterly focusing on children's fashion and design and is a guide for style conscious parents. The fine folks at the magazine came upon our nursery and included it in their premiere issue! Have a read (article starts on page 74) and find out my top three tips for designing nurseries.


Over the past week, Chloe has quickly progressed from drawing squiggly lines to drawing people. She drew a portrait of our family. That's dad and mom swimming on top, Chloe on the bottom left, and her cousin Avery on the bottom right. She calls Avery her "sister" but doesn't call her male cousins her brothers. I guess the kid really wants a baby sister! We'll see if we can make that happen for her this year :)
Family portrait 2012. Drawn by Chloe, age 2yrs 9mos
We've been told that Chloe is advanced for her age with her verbal, cognitive and motor skills more that of a 4 year old. I thought her portrait was really interesting and did a bit of googling. I found this post and learned about the Draw A Person test, which is a non-verbal qualitative test to assess a child's intelligence. I've felt that Chloe is smart for a while now (as in, when she's 6 years old she'll be debating me on things and I won't have an intelligent answer on why she can or can't do something). She already takes herself to the bathroom, gets on her stool to use the toilet and washes her hands. She dresses and undresses herself. She makes up songs, complete with lyrics, a melody, and repeating chorus. She has a laser sharp memory, knows her numbers and letters, and can spell and write her name. And she draws pictures like this.

I don't know where this came from (I think daycare should take a lot of the credit) and I'm curious with how to deal with it. How do you create an environment where an imagination can flourish? Are schools like Montessori really a better place to develop these abilities? What toys and books are best to challenge her? Do other parents feel as ill equipped as I do? At the same time, I don't want to push her too much to excel... there's something to be said for being a kid, with the freedom and lack of rules and expectations that entails. There's lots of time to grow up. Just my deep thoughts on a Tuesday morning.

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  1. Parenting is just as much a learning experience as growing up is (you're not the only parent out there who feels ill equipped from time to time). Our son was doing most of these things by age 3-4 without the aide of daycare, like others have said some kids are really sharp & pick things up quickly only to level with their peers later (or vice versa) the only thing we can do is encourage them & engage them in learning.

    As for engaging toys and books I cannot recommend legos enough, you can start with larger sizes and as she grows advance her to the smaller, more difficult builds. Puzzles are great too!  I've found that up until the last year or so, my son was most interested & engaged with books when someone was participating (reading to) with him.

    You're obviously on the right path, so keep doing what you're doing!

    Congratulations on the nursery feature too :)


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