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A Wheelie Cute Valentine

by - Sunday, February 05, 2012

Valentine's Day is almost here and I wanted to make a fun Valentine for Chloe to give to her daycare friends. I thought the cards I made last year were really cute, but I felt kinda guilty giving chocolate to the little ones. So this year, I'm going candy-free.

I bought these super-cute notebook looking paper bags at Creative Bag a few weeks ago and I already had the red and white bakery twine. Perfect for a school related craft. But what to put in them? Browsing through the Dollar Store, I found these little toy cars - 5 for $1, can't go wrong with that. 

I came up with this little card design in Photoshop and printed on thick cardstock...

And I added the little car :) I made a mark on either side of the car then poked through the marks with the tip of a pair of scissors...

 And put twine through the two holes. Tied up the little car...

To make a sweet Valentine for the little ones :)

I had hoped to put the cards in the paper bags and seal with a name label, but I don't have the list of Chloe's classmates names yet. By the way, have you seen the Martha Stewart Home Office products for Avery? Its organizational design heaven.

If you like the Valentine, I've created a free download for you (minus Chloe's name of course). The card is about 4"wide x 5"high, print on cardstock and cut along the faint grey lines. I'm no graphic designer and this is my first time putting a download on the blog, so let me know if anything looks wonky :)

Are you making any Valentines crafts this year?

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