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Summer Preview at Loblaws

by - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doesn't this photo get you in a summery mood? A few days ago, I was invited to a preview of the summer offerings from the Loblaw home brands. How I love Loblaws and all its brands... I may go to Loblaws for the grocery shopping but the truth is I spend way more time shopping for Joe Fresh clothing, President's Choice Home decorative items, and Everyday Essentials party napkins than I do actually shopping for food! Tell me I'm not alone ;)

I think the product designers at Loblaws are pure genius. They create such a wide breadth of product, fulfilling your everyday needs with things like towels and picture frames and decorative pillows to more occasional objects - planning an Easter party and in need of huge stuffed bunnies and cute pencils and erasers for the baskets? They've got you covered. Need a faux topiary or orchid to add some green to your life. Yup, they have that too. Whenever I need something for the house that is stylish yet affordable, I head to my nearest Loblaws first.

They make it so easy to buy their products too... everything is coordinated! See how the Adirondack chairs, outdoor cushions, and tableware all go together? Easy peasy! 

What I love about the home products are how well thought out they are. See that little cast iron pot on the bottom left of the barbeque? That is made to sit on the barbeque and warm up your marinade. Apparently, if you keep your marinade warm, it absorbs better into the food. The pot also has a built in place for the marinade brush to sit. Genius, I tell you.


A few photos highlighting my favourite products and details. I wish I had a porch because I would be scooping up that slate grey rocking chair in an instant. Watch for these products and many more to be hitting your local Loblaws store soon.

* On a side note, the PR folks provided me these photos as Chloe managed to delete all my photos from the preview off my camera. Argh! I didn't get to show you the awesome products in their other lines like the new Jump Kids World line of kids decor (including a tent!) or the super cool J +/- line of stationery items so you'll just have to go check it all out in store ;)

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