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Up Up and Away

by - Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How did this happen? My little girl is turning 3 in a month. 3! I still remember posting pregnant belly photos here on the blog, and telling you about the bedroom we were putting together for her arrival. And now she's more little girl than she is tiny baby. *Sniff*

I am happy though that I do get to plan another birthday party for Chloe. This girl LOVES birthday parties. She sings Happy Birthday to me most every day and loves to serve up birthday cake from her play kitchen. She had fun at the Little Bug Picnic party we threw her last year but this year is all about the balloons.

Chloe has always loved this hot air balloon we have hanging over her window seat so I know this will be a theme she'll enjoy. Plus, I get to use some of those really cool giant balloons in the decor! The first thing I wanted to get done though was her invitations. Those really set the tone for the party, don't they?

On the front of the invitation, I put some simple wording and added these Victorian flourishes I found via Design Editor. I also came across this free printable and knew I wanted to use it in the invitation. I decided to make a 3D effect out of it - a nice little surprise when you open up the invite :)

I've got a few more birthday projects to do over the coming weeks. If you follow my Pinterest board, you'll see all the balloon ideas I've been gathering.

Are you planning any parties? Any fun themes?

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