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The Basement: Playhouse - en francais!

While plumbing and electrical is still going on in the basement, I have some time to play around with decorating ideas. The one area that really excites me is the playhouse under the stairs. Since you all convinced me to have fun with this little nook, I've been thinking up different schemes, some country, some rustic. There's so many different looks I could create... barn, library, schoolhouse. 

I decided instead to take some inspiration from our favourite city in the world, Paris.
Scenes from our honeymoon in Paris
A French cafe! Doesn't that sound fun? Here's what I'm thinking:

I'd love to make an awning over the opening, one that doesn't protrude too far into the hallway. It'll add some colour into the mostly white basement too. Overhead, a mini-schoolhouse light sconce with a bronze base would add a bistro touch. The little faux boxwood would be cute. Maybe its a decal or maybe I can get my artsy brother to do a tromp l'oeil? On the doors, nothing says French cafe more than chalkboards. I'd like to keep things fun inside too and could use some wallpaper scraps to lighten things up.

So that's another plan. Even photoshopped Chloe seems to like it ;)

What would you do with the playhouse-under-the-stairs?

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