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Yard Sale For The Cure

by - Sunday, April 29, 2012

What do you get when you mix bloggers, designers, and a few curated garage sale items? A yard sale display to make Martha Stewart proud :)

That was the case last week when I had the chance to participate in the Yard Sale For The Cure media challenge.

The Yard Sale For The Cure occurs on May 26th. More than 300 yard sales will take place across Ontario and Atlantic Canada with proceeds benefitting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Its a great way to raise funds for breast cancer research, advocacy, and education programs. If you've been reading here a while, you know that one of my best friends Wendy died of this horrible disease two years ago. I was honored to lend my support to this very worthy cause.

Along with my teammates Leigh-Ann, Vanessa, Christine, Shoana, and Sarah, I was challenged to create the best yard sale table. All of the items were supplied by 1-800-Got-Junk and I was surprised by the goods they brought in from other people's trash... dressers, artwork, almost brand new electronics. 

Our team, sporting fabulous "The Real Yardsalers of Toronto" t-shirts courtesy of Leigh-Ann and an assortment of faux crowns, boas, gaudy jewellry and high heels to complete our look, made a mad dash to grab the most stylish items. We filled our bins with garden ornaments, an antique dresser and armoire, a trio of oars and lots of art and frames. While other teams arranged their mountains of plastic toys, we accessorized with bunting, pink lemonade, coordinated paper tags, and cotton candy. It was definitely the prettiest booth of the bunch.

We didn't win the challenge but in the end, we did what we were there to do. I hope you can do your part on May 26th and shop a Yard Sale For The Cure near you. Or better yet, dig out all those extra tchotchkes, clean out your cupboards, and host a sale of your own. Your breasts (and mine) will thank you :)

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  1. lipstikevents12:26 PM

    Sounds like a great night. I'll be sure to hit up a couple garge sales on May 26th!

  2. This is a great and commendable initiative. A social responsibility for the betterment of everyone. Best wishes.
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  3. Hi Jen!! I am back in action reading and commenting on my fav blogs! I'm so happy to feel like a normal person again. Wow, what a fantastic idea for a great cause, I feel like all of us have been touched in one way or another by breast cancer. This is such a wonderful idea, and I love your t-shirts!

    BIG hugs friend, happy to be back reading your lovely posts!
    Nancy xoxo

  4. Katrina12:26 PM

    That is awesome!  Such a creative and fun fundraiser.  I hope you guys make lots of money for the foundation.  

  5. What a great event, you guys did awesome (and are totally rocking the pink!)

  6. MrGWHunting12:26 PM

    Such a great cause. It would be great to implement something like that all over.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  7. This is such a great idea! Wish I would be in Ontario to take part! :) You guys did a great job! 

  8. Great job, lovely details! I participate as a volunteer at the run for the cure every year and am amazed at all the achievements and the tenacity of some of the women and men living with breast cancer.

  9. Auntie Shan12:26 PM

    My Yard-Sale-fari "Season" started on Saturday. Only 2, but I started out late.. However, I did score a pristine IKEA Bamboo "dish" [the large one] for only a Dollar! -- It looked great for showing off my $2.50 "SALLY-ANN"-purchased Cake Dome! ;-D
    I've got it on my Pinterest acct. -- [oh, BTW.. I blame ;-D You for turning me into a PINster! Bad enough that I spend hours Blogging EVERYday, now I'm *addicted* to playing with Pins!]

  10. Oh these would make Martha proud indeed! Beautiful displays. Looks like a fabulous french market, not a yard sale. LOVE!


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