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The Basement: Installing The @!&*! Laminate

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Given that HandyMan and I have installed laminate flooring before (in his old condo), you'd think installing the laminate in our basement would have been easy peasy. Uhm, not so much.

We picked Kamina Oak for the basement. It had that whitewashed, beachy look I was going for and the planks were nice and wide. It also had a locking technology which meant the floor could be installed without the use of nails or glue. Most installation guides (including the one that came with our laminate) describe the process as fairly easy: butt the long side of the plank against the previous row, put it in the groove, tilt it up, and push down to "lock it". But our laminate had two grooves and it was only after countless google searches, watching dozens of youtube videos, and a long hour of frustration that we found out how to install it properly.

So on the slim chance you're installing two-groove laminate and have no dang clue how to do it, maybe this will help:

You might want to put a weight (we used unopened boxes of laminate) on the boards to the left of Board A, to prevent your whole floor from popping out. Argh.

As with most renovation projects, once we got the hang of it, things went pretty smoothly and quickly - but that first hour of bumbling... its a miracle HandyMan are still married and speaking to each other ;) I couldn't be happier with the floor though so it was all worth it.

Tell me, has any renovation project ever tested your patience?

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  1. Ooooh gosh, we are not a DIY power couple. We are probably the worst two people to do DIY together, haha. Which is why our house is taking so long and our bathroom renovation that we started in February is still not finished...


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