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Odds and Ends

by - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A few random things from my world..

Photo by Leah Kirin
Vanessa, in conjunction with The Home Depot threw a Blogger Backyard Bash to celebrate the unveiling of Vanessa's overhauled backyard. It was such a fun time, all of us just chatting and relaxing (well, except for Chloe who spent about 3 hours jumping on a trampoline!). And how awesome is that super-long sectional? Vanessa had it made from Ana White's plans. We've used Ana's plans too, for Chloe's play kitchen. You should check out her site if you're in the building mood!

via Jason Hudson

The talented Jason Hudson - photographer, blogger, and Instagram rockstar - wrote a fantastic post full of great tips on taking photos for Instagram. I'm especially intrigued by Jason's comments on how your photos tie into your personal brand, how your photos convey your view of the world. As he so aptly puts it, "People want to see and fall in love with the way you see the world". So true! If you want to see my view of the world, you can follow me on Instagram (I'm "ramblingreno") or have a peek at my latest photos there on the right in my sidebar.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Blog reader Tricia let me know that she was inspired by the bench we made for the back deck and had her husband use our plans to make a window seat for her family room. How awesome is that! It turned out so great, Tricia! If you've been inspired by something you've seen here, do let me know. I'd love to see it!

And finally, via the miracle of Pinterest, I found this helpful post on 50 Ways to Distract a Toddler. With the days long and my toddler's attention span short, I've been looking for ways to keep her busy. The writer has lots of great ideas but I thought we'd give #25 a try. So on the weekend while HandyMan was tiling and I was sitting on the deck doing some work, Chloe took her task very seriously and gave her dolls a thorough washing. Success! We all managed to enjoy some 'alone' time. I think we'll have to schedule baby doll bath time regularly ;)

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