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The Basement: Laundry Revisited

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's always surprises with a renovation. On our way to getting the new walls framed up, we had the issue of a bulkhead running on the inside of our laundry room, right where we had planned some upper cabinetry. With a bit of thinking, we came up with a revised layout which in the end I think looks better than the original plan:

View from the hallway

We've moved the washer and dryer further from the entrance and shortened the upper cabinets to give us more folding space. Now, when you enter the laundry room, the first thing you'll see is the sink (first cabinet on the left) with this fancy faucet courtesy of Delta Faucet:
Delta Grail Single Handle Pull Down Faucet 985LF

I love the high arc of this faucet. It'll look great against the planned ceiling to counter backsplash. We've even installed a potlight over the sink to give it that extra bit of pizzazz! 

Since this will be a utility sink and we'll be using it for craft cleanup and washing paint brushes and such, there was a few things we needed to make this area super efficient:
  • An extra deep sink.  Washing paint brushes can get really messy, with the paint splattering all about. A deep sink takes care of that problem.
  • Single handle faucet. The single handle is easier to operate, especially when you have glue and glitter all over your hands 
  • The pull down built-in sprayer is a must have when you have a deep sink. Plus, it just looks cool ;)
As it turns out, our contractor was able to avoid having a bulkhead in the laundry room after all. We're still going with this layout though as aesthetically I think it looks better and feels more open.

There are still a few tweaks to the plan coming. We may build some cubbies underneath the cabinets sitting on the counter on the opposite wall, just so all the cabinets align at the ceiling. And we have to decide on a countertop. Oh, and then there's the issue of the sink cabinet... HandyMan wants to raise it up so it aligns with the washing machines. Me, (all 5'0 of me) would rather have it lower. We'll see who wins in the end!

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