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Mason Jar Paint Storage

One thing I'm looking forward to with the finished basement is getting everything organized. I can't wait to use up all the storage space and put all our things in their proper homes. We've managed to get some of the laundry room cabinetry in place and I was so excited to put something - anything - away in the new drawers. Pretty sad, huh?

Looking around our messy basement, I knew what I would tackle: the paint cans. We have so many gallons of leftover paint kicking around, taking up valuable space. Walking around the store yesterday, I saw all the mason jars for sale (its canning season!) and knew I could use them for a pretty & simple paint storage solution.

1. Buy some mason jars. These were 12 x 500ml for $7.

2. Get some labels. I used these Martha Stewart ones from Staples. Copy the info from your paint cans and type up your labels. You can also go old school and write on the jar top using a marker.

3. Open up your paint cans and stir them to even out the colour. TIP: Use a metal whisk instead of a wooden stir stick. The paint washes off the whisk really easily with a bit of water, and you can reuse it for all your different paint colours.

4. Pour your paint into the mason jars. Screw on the tops. Stand back and admire the prettiness.

And they look even better in my new paint drawer ;)

That was fun and so easy! What can I organize next??

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