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Outdoor Toddler Station and Outdoor Toy Ideas

by - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With long and sunny days finally here, I love to have my daughter playing outside as much as she can. Chloe can be found playing in backyard most days while I'm cooking dinner. She can have fun exploring the garden or playing on the deck and I can keep an eye on her through the sliding doors in the kitchen.

To keep her occupied and all her stuff organized, I repurposed the old outdoor table and turned it into a toddler outdoor station. 

outdoor toddler station, outdoor toddler toys, outdoor toy organization

This is a great and inexpensive way to keep outdoor toddler toys organized. With kids, you need organization systems that are simple and easy. This outdoor toddler station is perfect for keeping my daughter's toys accessible and visible (which is great when your toddler has a short attention span and NEEDS to play with a new toy every six minutes or so!). The toys are 'grab and go' - there's no fussy cabinets or bins to deal with. Everything is compartmentalized and kept in durable and washable containers, or displayed out in the open.

Kids easily get bored so here's some outdoor toy ideas to keep them occupied:
  • sidewalk chalk
  • toy trucks, tractors, and vehicles
  • watering cans and child-sized garden tools
  • bug catchers, nets, and insect houses
  • shovels, sifters, sand tools and buckets
  • bubbles
  • pails and buckets and water. Create an outdoor baby doll bathtub!
  • sports balls, rackets
  • hula hoops and skipping ropes
  • binoculars and magnifying glasses
  • frisbees and ring toss
  • plastic bowling set

outdoor toddler station, outdoor toddler toys, outdoor toy organization

I haven't really decorated this side of the deck. It's a narrow space and we have to keep the walkway from the stairs into the kitchen clear. You can see the old planter filled with reeds (from HandyMan's single guy condo a long long time ago) and a rack with shoes we use for working in the garage or garden. Heavy on the functional, not so much on the pretty.

What do you do with your kids' outdoor gear? These kids have toys everywhere. Its hard to keep it all organized!

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