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Outdoor Toddler Station

by - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With the days long and sunny, Chloe can be found playing in backyard most days while I'm cooking dinner. She can have fun exploring the garden or playing on the deck and I can keep an eye on her through the sliding doors in the kitchen. To keep her occupied and all her stuff organized, I repurposed the old outdoor table and turned it into a toddler outdoor station. 

Its perfect for keeping her toys accessible and visible (which is great when your toddler has a short attention span and NEEDS to play with a new toy every six minutes or so!)

I haven't really decorated this side of the deck. Its a narrow space and we have to keep the walkway from the stairs into the kitchen clear. You can see the old planter filled with reeds (from HandyMan's single guy condo a long long time ago) and a rack with shoes we use for working in the garage or garden. Heavy on the functional, not so much on the pretty.

What do you do with your kids' outdoor gear? These kids have toys everywhere. Its hard to keep it all organized!

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  1. Nicole Panacci1:15 PM

    It looks great. Great way to recycle an old table.

  2. I think i need a work station like this for myself! LOL great job Jen! Chloe is super lucky to have such creative parents :)

  3. I love it. My little man has all his toys in a box - not very kid friendly.

  4. Love this, Jenn. I only hope I can be this organized when Alice gets older. I already see how this toy thing can get outta hand! Bookmarking for future inspiration. Thanks :)

  5. barbara@hodge:podge1:15 PM

    I used to do the same when my kids were little. Their favourite were their bug houses they made at Home Depot, oh the little habitats they would create for caterpillars, slugs, ladybugs, etc!


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