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How To Make A Birthday Photo Collage

A few weeks ago my mom turned 70 and we'll be celebrating with a big birthday party this weekend. I can hardly believe my mom is that age. She still looks fabulous and manages to keep up with Chloe. My mom watches Chloe a few days a week and its a huge help to me but also an incredible gift - I'm very lucky to have Chloe spend so much time with her grandmother.

Beautiful mom in her 20's. Love that beehive!

In planning her party, one thing we wanted to have was a collage of her photographs. I was going to print the individual photos out and display them, but I found an easier and cheaper way to do it with a few simple steps.

A photo collage is a wonderful way to celebrate a special person and relive memories. You can make a photo collage in any size and use as many photos as you want. And you can use online tools to put this together.

How To Make A Photo Collage

  1. First, I had my little brother take photos with his phone of old photos in the family album - much easier than scanning each individual pic! 
  2. Then I loaded all the digital photos into a Flickr album. You can also load them into a Facebook album.
  3. Using Mosaic Maker, I created a grid of the photos and saved the image. You can create a grid of up to 36 photos at a time. If your album has more than 36 photos, Mosaic Maker can be used to create multiple images. Just be sure to change the Page # at the bottom of the Mosaic Maker (Page 2, Page 3 and so on) to access the additional images.
  4. Then I arranged the multiple grid images in Photoshop and overlaid some text. You can also do this in the free version of Canva.
  5. And presto, I have one large collage. I'm going to have this printed poster size at Staples and mount it on poster board or foam core for display at the party.
birthday collage, diy birthday photo collage

I love looking at old family photos and getting all sentimental. It's so fun to see my mom as a young girl, to a newlywed, and then a mom with four kids. I don't know how she did it all! 

I used to have lots of family photos in frames around my old apartment, but since we've been renovating this house (forever!) and my life in general has 'gone digital', I find I don't have as many on display. I think we'll have to change that. I have hundreds of photos that haven't been printed out nor seen by anyone but me. And that makes me kinda sad.

What do you do with your photos? Are you good at printing them out? Or creating digital albums? I wish I were better at that!

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