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How To Support A Laundry Room Countertop Over A Washer And Dryer

by - Monday, August 06, 2012

Did you have a good weekend? We escaped to the cottage, but not before we managed to get the countertops installed in the laundry room. A countertop in the laundry room is a necessity. It provides space for folding clothes, a place for placing detergent and other cleaning products, and - as is the case in our house - room to stack the folded clothes for weeks until you put them away ;)

We debated a few different options for the countertop material - laminate, Corian, natural stone - and before I show you what we went with, I thought I'd share the steps we took to support the countertop. If you are installing your own counter over a washer and dryer, no matter what your material is, the supporting structure will pretty much be the same. In fact, this same tutorial can be used to install any kind of floating countertop.

How To Support A Laundry Room Countertop Over A Washer And Dryer

What's the best way to support a countertop across a washer and dryer?

Typically, laundry rooms have a countertop that spans across the washer and dryer placed beside each other. In order to support the countertop, you need something that will keep it affixed to the wall, and something to hold it above the laundry machine. This easy method uses a combination of cleats and a gable to achieve that.

In our situation, we had a sink beside the washer and dryer so we used an end gable (an Ikea panel from the As Is section) to support one side of the countertop. However, if our washer and dryer was in a niche and had walls on three sides, we could still use this method just using cleats. In addition to using this method for a counter over a washer and dryer, you can also use cleats and gables for:

  • installing a floating countertop in a nook
  • installing a desktop between cabinets
  • installing a floating bench
  • installing floating shelves in a closet

How To Install A Countertop In A Laundry Room Over A Washer And Dryer:

1. Draw a level line to indicate the underside of your countertop. If you want to be able to move your washing machines in and out, you'll want to have some wiggle room so don't have the countertop touching the tops of the machines. We had about a 3" gap above our machines.

how to install a countertop in a laundry room over a washer and dryer

2. Under this line, install a cleat. A cleat is a strip of material to which the countertop will be attached and which provides horizontal support. Sean used a scrap 3/4" piece of plywood cut into 2" strips to create the cleats. He affixed the cleats with construction adhesive and screwed the cleats into the studs. Since we were using an end panel on the left side of the washer, we only needed to install cleats along the back and right wall.

how to install a countertop in a laundry room over a washer and dryer

You'll notice that the right side cleat is mitred at the end and is set back from the face of the countertop. By doing this, the cleat won't be visible once the countertop is installed. You could even paint the cleat your wall colour to make it less visible.

how to install a countertop in a laundry room over a washer and dryer

3. If your countertop spans a wide area, you'll also need to install a gable to support the countertop in the middle and prevent it from sagging. The photo below shows the one we created out of plywood. This gable is placed between the washer and dryer and is positioned with the horizontal piece running from front to back, with the vertical pieces against the back wall.

Ensure that the height of the gable is level with the top of the cleat. The top vertical piece will screw into the cleat. The bottom vertical piece screws into a spacer piece (the same thickness as the cleat) that we attached to the bottom of the wall. The long horizontal piece will be screwed into the underside of the countertop. Again, you'll want to make your gable less deep than your counter so it isn't visible.

countertop gable and cleat

4. Optional: If you have a prefabricated countertop, you can skip this step. If you are building your own countertop, say out of plywood, MDF, or an old door, here is an example of how you can structure it. What you are looking at is the underside of the countertop. This countertop is built out of a sheet of 3/4" plywood with additional 3/4"strips around the perimeter and middle. 

how to install a countertop in a laundry room over a washer and dryer

5. Affix the countertop to the cleats and gable. You can use a combination of L-brackets and screws. Affix the L-brackets around the perimeter of the countertop with one side screwed into the countertop and the other into the cleat. Then attach the gable to the countertop. Use L-brackets along the top of the gable with one side screwed into the underside of the countertop (along the middle horizontal piece) and the other into the gable.

Once the countertop has been attached to the cleat and gable, slide the washer and dryer back in place. Here's our plywood countertops installed!

how to install a countertop in a laundry room over a washer and dryer

Not exactly the look you thought we'd go with, right? Well, you're right because the plywood is actually the substrate for our countertop and we clad it with...

... stainless steel! The more we thought about it, the more stainless steel countertops in the laundry room made sense. They are resistant to water and heat damage, hygenic, and would create a nice integrated look with the stainless steel sink. Plus, they are reflective and nicely bounce the light around this windowless laundry room.

Stainless steel can be expensive but we called around and found a local fabricator with an amazing price and very quick turnaround. We've already done tons of loads of laundry and I have to say it feels great to fold clothes on these sleek countertops. This is quickly becoming one of our favourite rooms in the house :)

There's more to come in this room, hence the missing paint in the corners. But we'll leave those surprises for another post.


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    Much ooh-ing and ah-ing has ensued here.  Brilliant choice--both stunning and practical.  You guys made the installation process look so easy too. 


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