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The Basement: New Home Office

by - Monday, September 17, 2012

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We're starting to see the light at the end of this renovation tunnel, finally. It was a productive weekend. We got all the door trims and baseboards installed and painted, 1/2 of the boxes in the garage cleared out and things put back in their places, and most enjoyable for me, I set up my office downstairs. 

If you remember, we have a home office set up in one of our bedrooms upstairs but found that it wasn't getting much use, so that room is getting turned into Chloe's big girl room and the office is getting incorporated into the basement. Our countertops were installed last week (we went with Corian in Linen - it looks like pebbles of sand!) so I finally was able to start working downstairs. Here's a peek at the new digs:

It feels so good to have things organized and just where I need them. Printing has never been easier. I've got a drawer for papers and labels and envelopes - I've been labelling everything in sight ;) I want to keep things neat and sparse. I might put a few things on the walls. Haven't decided exactly what yet. That piggy painting is going somewhere in the basement, rest assured.

I've also started on the decorating. Yay! That's definitely a sign we're almost finished with this reno. I made a cute little jar - it says "Good Things and Chloe-isms". I'm using it to hold notes about all the funny things Chloe has been saying lately, and notes about all the little things I'm just very grateful for. So whenever I'm working, if I need a pick-me-up, there it is :)

And since I was in a printing mood, I made up these jars for the laundry room. The big jar says "The Jar Of Lost Socks" and the mason jar says "The Jar Of Found Coins". I've already collected 1 black sock and $1.27 so they've come in pretty handy.

Weird how a few jars can make me feel more productive already!

How was your weekend? Finish any little projects?

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  1. I'm in love with your basement! It truly is so fabulous!

  2. Ben@Bernhardt1:03 PM

    You are doing a
    great work for us. Unique content and wonderful ideas of post.

  3. courtney {a thoughtful place}1:03 PM

    So fantastic. Those drawers are beautiful. And how sweet is that jar. I have a notebook, but the idea of pulling out little things that make you smile is so awesome. Very inspiring space. Kudos.

  4. Vel Criste1:03 PM

    i love the CHLOE-isms jar - I should start that with my boys too. Been busy trying to build a library/office with my hubby, it's looking good, and hope it will be. :-)

  5. modern_jane1:03 PM

    LOVE the jar idea! You are so creative and with thank yourself later on that you started the Chloeism jar. Everything is looking fantastic!

  6. barbara1:03 PM

    Fabulous! I LOVE the jars for loose change and missing socks - genious!

  7. Looks amazing! Isn't it great having a ton of storage - a place for everything! I love your vintage trophy and the "Good Things" jar is such a great idea.

  8. I love your home office space. Those jars are a genius idea.....especially the Chloe-isms!

  9. Auntie Shan1:03 PM

    Actually, I kinda like the PIGGY-PIC in that spot... The Colours work... And, would be a great locale for a PIGGY BANK! :-D
    BTW, how did Your day at CHRISTIES go? Get anything Good?

  10. Jen, I am SO in love with this space! I love that it's located in a place where you can easily watch Chloe and she has items that she can play with while you are working away. Fabulous!

  11. ramblingrenovators1:03 PM

    It does work surprisingly well! Now if Chloe could play quietly while I'm trying to write, lol!

  12. Andrea @ I Was Here Designs1:03 PM

    I love a neat and tidy workspace. We did a lot around our house this weekend - painted the master bedroom, and stripped the old wallpaper. Replaced the ceiling light, and the blind. Master bedroom desperately needed an overhaul.

  13. ramblingrenovators1:03 PM

    Wallpaper stripping is one of the most tedious tasks, I think. Yay you for getting it done!

  14. Wow, Jen! I just love it - it's so light and cheerful and the jars are amazing. I might have to make a little jar for Hunter-isms at our house, he's had some doozies lately. Can't wait to see more of your inspiring basement!

  15. ramblingrenovators1:03 PM

    Thanks Morgan! Hunter must saying lots of fun things (especially with the new sibling coming!)

  16. L'Univers de Miss R1:03 PM

    I absolutely LOVE the cabinestry! Where is it from?
    Having an office like this will surely help you to write your new book!

  17. ramblingrenovators1:03 PM

    The cabinetry is Martha Stewart Ox Hill from Home Depot. Love love love it! And you're right - book writing is going MUCH easier here :)

  18. how2home1:03 PM

    Can you show us how you made these custom stickers?

  19. ramblingrenovators1:03 PM

    Good question. I'll write a post on it (with a free download ;) )

  20. Nancy1:03 PM

    love your built ins- they are so grand and look like everything will fit in there! LUcky you! Great job.

  21. how2home1:03 PM

    The new office is looking so good! Love the anchor paper weight and all the cute jars around your work space.

  22. It looks amazing! I love the idea of the Chloe-ism jar. Such a good idea. This age is so fun and they really do say some of the funniest things!

  23. I've just browsed around a few posts about your basement renovation (I needed a little catch-up!) and loved what I saw. Fantastic cabinetry choices, the grey floors and white-washed walls are terrific too :-) How fun are your labeled jars?! Love the idea of digging into the "Good Things & Chloe-isms" jar when feeling the need for a pick-me-up... I may need to do something similar!! ;-)

  24. Sarah @ ReDesigning Sarah1:03 PM

    Looks great - just love the jars too! Your desk space looks fantastic!

  25. fantastic office Jen! I was just talking to Chris how we will divide up the basement in our future home: one side houses his camping gear and the other side could be an office/craft/media area! I smiled when I saw the Chloe-isms! It must be heart warming to read one of these notes from the jar, especially after a tough day at work.

    Love all the details and all the built-in storage you have going! Can't wait to see the rest of the basement!

  26. Ah I love this! And those jars are such a great idea. I am sure with Chloe it will be full in no time. :)

    I finally finished that dresser project and I love it. Now on to the next one!

  27. ooooh! I love your cabinetry down here - it is a great office space! We finished our basement last winter and I trying to figure out how best to use it. Your office area is inspiring!


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