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Download: The Jar of Happy Thoughts

by - Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The blogging couple over at How2Home asked how I made the labels in my last post so here's a little tutorial:

  1. Grab your jars. I used a standard 500ml mason jar and the IKEA FORVAR jar
  2. Get your paper. Since these labels are large (the small sticker is 2" in diameter and the large one is 2.5" in diameter), you'll need to print them on a full label sheet. I used the Avery 06503 label which I bought at Staples.
  3. Design your labels. Or, use this free download which I designed.

  4. Print your labels. Cut around the circles. Affix to your jars.
  5. Fill your jars with happy thoughts, funny sayings, and the lost and found from your laundry :)

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  1. Joel Chang1:02 PM

    It is great especially when it is full and you will read all of them.

  2. Ben@American Drew1:02 PM

    Very nice post. I'm
    tweeting it. Thanks.

  3. how2home1:03 PM

    These are perfect :) Thank you for showing us how you made these stickers and for the free download! I'm going try to make these stickers this week and show you our results. Thanks again Jen!

  4. ramblingrenovators1:03 PM


  5. Sarah @ ReDesigning Sarah1:03 PM

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Shyra1:03 PM

    Wow! This is indeed very brilliant idea. Cool!

  7. I'm so glad someone asked. I was wondering the same thing! I love those labels!


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