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BlogTalk: Blog Series

by - Friday, August 31, 2012

When I started this BlogTalk series more than seven months ago, I was coming off of a "blog talk" high - I was just back from Alt Summit and had just organized my first BlogPodium event - so I really had blogs on my mind. Introducing this series gave me a place to do a brain dump.
Having a blog series, where you post about a particular topic on a regular basis, can be great for many reasons:

  • It gives you a theme to write about. Writer's block is a blogger's worst enemy and at least knowing your topic is a one step down the road to a finished post
  • It gives your readers something to look forward to. Same time, same place - readers like consistency!
  • It deepens your connection with your readers. If readers find your blog series engaging, they are apt to share their opinions and leave comments. That sharing is reinforced week over week as you 'continue the conversation'.
  • You share valuable information. Posting regularly about a narrow topic means that over time you accumulate a wealth of info about that topic. In this BlogTalk series, I've talked about everything from Networking to The Art Of A Pitch, from Photo Editing to Personal Branding and many topics in between. Its out there now, as a resource, forever on the interwebs!
Then there's the downside to having a blog series:
  • At some point, you run out of things to say.
And so it is with BlogTalk. I thoroughly enjoyed posting about these topics and engaging in the back and forth comments with you all. It was great to hear that you found some posts helpful and learned new tips - and at the same time, you taught me a few things too. But I'm no blog authority and there are so many other and more successful bloggers who handle these topics better than I can. 

Maybe because its September and I'm feeling "new school-year-itis", but its time to move on. Who knows, another blog series may pop up before you know it ;)

Tell me, do you write a blog series? Or do you have a favourite series run by another blogger? I love Barbara's So Canadian, Eh? series and Kerry's Fancy Friday Love

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  1. how2home12:59 PM

    We love reading blog series as well, its fun and easy to read. Great post Jen!

  2. perfect end to the series! Thank you for all of your insight - I think this series was incredibly informative.

  3. I've really enjoyed this series, Jen. It's been really informative and great to "chat blog" with other bloggers.

    Sometimes I wish I had a few series for those days of writer's block!

  4. Sundeep @ Designwali1:00 PM

    i enjoy blog series....keeps thing regular and familiar. I do If this saree was a room series...I think people like it. Great post!

  5. Thanks so much Jen for such informative and engaging series for all us bloggers to learn about the art of blogging!

    I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to all the topics popping up on my screen every Friday and will for sure be coming back to your posts for reference every now and then.
    I started a new series earlier this year to share some of the gorgeous homes decorated by bloggers or design enthusiast. Keeping it a bi-monthly series give me something to look forward to and takes the time pressure away from having to find a home on a weekly basis.
    I also have another blog series in mind ... to introduce it this year, or a new series for 2013, I will have to decide soon :)

  6. Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute.1:00 PM

    I loved this series, Jen! Read every single one and thought you were brilliant every time. ;)

  7. thebookofjimmy1:00 PM

    I'll add my name to the list of folks who really enjoyed this series. No shame in calling it quits when the timing is right though.

    Looking forward to the next installments if they do come back.

    I've got a few running series on my site (namely chicken butchery, small space living, a kid-friendly destination guide and a portrait series of my son looking unintentionally tough - for a two year old). They have all been random though. Nothing weekly or bi-weekly. Which, I know, is a mistake.

    I keep buttons on my sidebar for the small space living and kid-friendly destinations so people can find what I have, like you've done with BlogTalk.

  8. Auntie Shan1:00 PM

    I blog post EVERYDAY! -- My "Writer's Block" is often the size of a CITY Block!! I usually don't get to bed until after 2am *TRYing* to come up with SOMETHING! "Pictures, seriously ARE worth a 1000-Words! And, Even then, I still have to come up with a "pithy" Title... -- BTW, have I mentioned that I really "have NO Life"?!

  9. Barbara1:00 PM

    Gosh thanks for the shout out! I enjoy writing my series but sometimes it takes the spontaneity out of posts! But it has been a pleasure to highlight Canadians. Sad to see your series end, but you have touched on many great subjects, agreat resource!

  10. Giulia@fishlynews.com1:00 PM

    I do my Friday Food Files series. It allows me to focus on a task of food photography once a week and is helping me improve my skills.
    I also do my monthly Collectible Colours - again an exercise for myself in looking at our everyday things as part of a colour theme.
    I like the focus of both those series, but I think by end of this year I'll be switching it up for something new in 2013.
    I used to do a monthly Pinterest series of what I was finding, but I stopped that after I had such issues finding some of the original sources.
    Thanks for your BlogTalk series, I learned quite a few things on the way.

  11. Casey @ Waffling1:00 PM

    During the summer, I wanted to get rid of the pressure of 5 full posts a week, so on Fridays I started doing simple tips, like how to sew a button or how to clean a ceramic stovetop. Im no expert, but I am enjoying the chance to do something simple once a week!

  12. I really, really enjoyed this series, Jen. Thanks for doing it!


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