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The Basement: Schoolhouse Lighting Score!

by - Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Monday, happy September everyone. Did you all have a good Labour Day weekend? We had a great time at the cottage, but with the chilly mornings and the leaves starting to fall, it really felt like the end of summer. Booo.

We didn't do too much work on the house but we did manage to find lighting for the basement. Hooray!!

We decided to go with the classic schoolhouse pendants. I debated different options, but in the end, paired with the shaker cabinetry and paneled walls, the schoolhouse lights create the cozy, timeless look we were hoping for. Our harvest table will go beneath the pendants, hence, that's why they are hung so high. I can already picture Chloe and I, snuggled together on the bench, doing some holiday crafts... provided we get this basement done before the snow falls, but who's counting? ;)

Not only did we find the pendants, but there was a matching wall sconce! The mini schoolhouse light fits perfectly over the secret playhouse. Here's the view you'll see coming down the hall:

It is so so difficult to great looking lighting that also fits within the budget. Well, I'm gonna tell you I knocked it out of the park in that department... the wall sconce: $29... the pendants: on sale from $59 down to $36 each!!! YES. Total score, especially when a single schoolhouse light can run hundreds of dollars.

I found the lights at The Home Depot in Bracebridge, near our cottage. I've never seen them in stores in the city and unfortunately, I can't find them on the Home Depot website either! And would you believe I googled them and nothing, not an image, not an Amazon or ebay link, came up! These are phantom lights folks. They could also be discontinued (Bracebridge isn't exactly the hotbed of design so I'm not sure how long they were sitting on the shelf). They did have 3-4 more of each left in Bracebridge if you're really interested.

Tell me, have you ever scored a great find? I feel like I won the lottery!

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  1. courtney {a thoughtful place}12:59 PM

    Oh, those lights bring back such fantastic memories for me. My parents had those in our St. Louis home when I was growing up. Classic and so perfect for the space.

  2. Kerry @ First Time Fancy12:59 PM

    Ooooh - those are the sconces we used in our bathroom reno... you know, that bathroom we never actually got to use! hahaha love them! I THINK we found ours at Lowes... but I could be 100% wrong. We did, however, buy them earlier this year, and they are great. Love them in your basement! :)

  3. Wow, I'm excited for you! Nothing like a good deal, especially when it's exacctly what you're looking for.

    Your basement is looking so, so good by the way!

  4. The lights (and price) are awesome. We just found some really nice faucets for our bathroom that were on a super sale for $59 each. I was pretty excited about that!

  5. Vel Criste12:59 PM

    Good for you Jen!!! that is a great find and totally fits your basement design aesthetic. I went antiquing over the weekend and I'm proud to say I scored an 8 pc. dinner set ( including plates, cups, server plate, creamer and sugar bowl ) gold-rimmed FIre King milk glass for $12.50!! :-)

  6. barbara @hodge:podge12:59 PM

    Haha, I can visualize that too!

  7. ramblingrenovators1:00 PM

    That is EXACTLY what happened ;)

  8. how2home1:00 PM

    love it, love it, love it! What a great deal from $59 to $36 a pop...thats amazing!! Can't wait for the big reveal :)

  9. i thought i loved the pendant, but i think i love the sconce even more! what great finds! i am now debating whether it'd be worth it to pop into my local home depot just to see if by chance they still have any, but i was only there a month ago and didn't see them...

  10. That's hilarious. I just spotted these and had an OMG! moment in Home Depot as well!

  11. wow.... gorgeous!! Sometimes you just don't know what cottage country has to offer!! Great scores! Can't wait to see the harvest table going in!

  12. Christine Dovey1:00 PM

    Wow...such a deal and they look amazing! Your basement is coming together so beautifully!

  13. WOW, I love them Jen!! That is an absolute steal - I can just picture you yelling at Handyman like an Ikea commercial - START THE CAR!! :p

  14. barbara @hodge:podge1:00 PM

    Don't you love amazing deals like that? I have wanted one for our house, but it wouldn't suit the kitchen....but they are perfect for you space! What a way to start your week!

  15. modern_jane1:00 PM

    Ummm crazy amazing score! That would have made my day for sure! Great choice btw!

  16. Giulia@fishlyblog.com1:00 PM

    I have exactly those lights in my kitchen, and exactly that sconce in our powder room. Got them at HD about 2 years ago. Love them!

  17. chfris1:00 PM

    Great choice, those are the same lights I had over my island in our last house , you got a steal. We have those at our local Home Depot here in Oshawa .

  18. Wow! That has got to be the deal of the century! They look wonderful!

  19. Sundeep @ Designwali1:00 PM

    total score. please jump up & down out of sheer happiness. Have a great week babes.


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