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Simple Storage Solutions

by - Thursday, September 06, 2012

With all the basement cabinetry in place, I've been gettin' my organization on. Its not only the basement too. With new pantry space in the basement, I've been able to free up room in the kitchen. And with the  cooler weather coming, I've started the seasonal switch with our clothes and packing up Chloe's small clothes for her cousins or goodwill. Let's just say the whole house is in chaos as I move things around but it feels more orderly too, if that makes sense.

Do you like seeing inside people's cupboards? Since I admitted to being a closet hoarder, I won't show you everything - just the cupboards that are now neat and pretty ;)

We've gained lots of storage space in the laundry room and I'm using one of the cupboards as a pantry. Finally, I can stock up on pasta sauce or cereal when it comes on sale! I still need to figure out a system, but I've got shelves for dry goods, extra spices and the bottom shelf is for baking supplies.

As you can see, my love affair with mason jars continues. I bought some 250 ml and 500 ml ones - at around $10 for a dozen (Canadian Tire!), you can't go wrong. Plus, I can now easily tell when there are drastically low levels of chocolate chips in the house ;)

Will all this stuff moved downstairs, the upstairs kitchen cabinets gained some breathing room. I used to have the spices sitting on a revolving rack on the counter. But I always hated that rack - it used up valuable counter space and the spices were sitting in the sun from the side windows all day. I went through the spices, tossed the ones I never ever used (like cumin. never used. not once) and bought one of those tiered height expandable thingamajiggys so I could see all the remaining spices at once. And just like the junk drawer overhaul, I suddenly felt like I got some control back. Like I could breathe. Like my cooking got just a little bit better. Crazy.

All the fun organizing is happening in the toy zone though. I went around the house like a mad woman, gathering up Chloe's wayward toys. Puzzles, lego, Play-doh, trains, cars, instruments... everything went  down to the new Toy Zone. 

I'm hoping that if I give Chloe a place to put things, she'll keep it neat and organized. Wishful thinking??

The clear bins are all from Ikea. I specifically chose clear bins for a few reasons:
  • Chloe can see all her belongings now which hopefully will entice her to want to use them more often. It helps her to remember what she has available too and she can create with different mediums.
  • She can see just how much she has. I want her to learn that she is fortunate to have so many things, and also to learn that she doesn't need more.
  • The bins are lightweight and she can get them out and put them away (most of them, anyway) herself. Yay for being independent! Plus, she's more free to create when the mood strikes her. No waiting for mom to dish out the crayons anymore :)
  • Finally, I want to encourage Chloe to be uber organized. Pretty storage containers make you want to be organized, right? Does that really work with 3 year olds??

I want Chloe to have her own space and own things in the basement. Its going to be a place we spend a lot of time as a family so it should function and meet all of our needs. That's the plan anyway. Why do I get the feeling I'll still be the one to clean up the markers and toy trains at the end of the night?

How do you stay organized? Any tips or tricks you want to pass on? I still have dozens of messy cupboards yet to tackle!

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