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Please Sit Still

I took this photo of Chloe last weekend at Tim Horton's as we were waiting for HandyMan to get our lunch. Like most times when we're out at restaurants, I pull out a toy or crayons for her to play with while we wait for the food. 

This is her favourite distraction these days. I filled a pencil case with these little Japanese eraser puzzles.  Five erasers for a $1 at the Dollar Store! Can't beat that. She likes putting together mini cakes and donuts, dolphins and macarons. It keeps her hands and mind busy. Me, I like that she stays sitting until the food comes :)

I always like to have something small and portable with me, to hold her attention when she's in a stroller or on a long car ride or when she's running around like a monkey and I need her to just. sit. still. Anyone else know what that's like? :) What's your child's favourite toys these days? 

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