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The Love List

by - Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes, the Love List is back today :). This week I'm loving...

this Otomi stencil. I'd do it on just one wall in a playroom or bedroom, in all sorts of fun colours...

this pin. {On a side note, do you find that Pinterest motivates you to start thinking about holidays waaaaay earlier than you normally would?}

this photo. Thanks This Old House for including our radiator cover in your magazine! Stacey Brandford and Sasha Seymour, you made us look so good :)

and this modern farmhouse. Yes, that's the exterior of the Princess Margaret Sweepstakes Showhome I visited last week. The folks at House and Home hosted a lovely event. You can check out the video at the end of this post to see what my favourite part of the house was. {Side note #2: I'm always weirded out seeing myself on video. My voice doesn't sound anything like what I think it does).

Have a great weekend!

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  1. how2home1:02 PM

    Nice list! Congrats on the radiator feature :)

  2. Celine1:02 PM

    Lovely post indeed! I love the modern farm house. Love the lighting!

  3. Shrewt1:02 PM

    I just did the otomi stenciling in my son's room last weekend - it turned out fabulous! You can see some pics here, with some more to follow!

  4. That stencil is so cute but I'm staying away from them for a little while. Love those Halloween treat bags!

  5. calmlychaotic1:02 PM

    that stencil would be great for a playroom and yes pinterest is like hallmark on steroids (but in a good way... not in a christmas ornaments in august way!)

  6. I love that stencil! I agree - Pinterest is making the holiday season top of mind a lot earlier than it normally would. I'm not knowcking it though - my site visits have increased dramatically in the past week or so due to a few pins of my felt dove ornaments from last year ;) Congrats on the feature - that's exciting :)


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