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by - Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have you been to the pumpkin patch this year? We went last week. It was a cold cold day but so much fun. With the crisp cool air and bright sunshine, you're always guaranteed great photos. This was my favourite one of the day. That's my sister and her kids, my cousin, and Chloe leaping off 5-foot tall hay bales. I can still hear the kids screaming with delight... and the adults, well, not so much. So glad I was there to capture this.

I love visiting the farm every October, even moreso now that Chloe can partake in all the fun. Do you have any fall traditions?

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  1. thebookofjimmy12:53 PM

    That is a great picture.  I'll be honest though, I was a bit surprised to see how bundled up everyone is (then I remembered where you are - duh).  It was almost hot for us at the pumpkin patch two weekends ago (DC).  Going to one isn't a tradition for us just yet, but I think we plan to make it one from now on.  So much fun.  

    And I have to share this post for my boy's pumpkin patch picture, it was just too good: 

  2. ramblingrenovators12:53 PM

    Such a great photo of your little guy. And I'm jealous of your warm weather. Its always a toss up here in October - we could be wearing t-shirts or bundled up with scarves!

  3. Love the picture - you look like you're all having a great time!

    My sister and I always take my nephew to the pumpkin patch every fall... we went last weekend too!

  4. ramblingrenovators12:53 PM

     I saw your instagrams! So fun.

  5. ramblingrenovators12:54 PM

     You should! Its so much more fun than I thought it would be.

  6. how2home12:54 PM

    Lovely photos! We don't really have a tradition but it'd be nice to do something like this when we have a family!

  7. Christine Dovey12:54 PM

    We always go to the same place - love it...haven't made it yet this year but hope to go next weekend:)  Love that photo- so great!


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