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HomeSense Holiday Preview

by - Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are you thinking about the holidays yet? Are you pinning Christmas crafts and DIY gift ideas? I know I am. Its so crazy - its not even Halloween yet! - but I find that blogs and Pinterest have increased my awareness of decorating for the season. I never used to worry about Fall decorating, or switching over my mantle/sideboard. But now I do. Do you feel that way too?

Anyhoo, even though its way to early, I've had holidays on the brain for a few months now. I was invited to a few winter previews at some fabulous stores and I thought I'd share one of those with you today. If you like HomeSense here's what's coming to stores near you (HomeGoods in the US and HomeSense are owned by the same company so you may find these products near you too, my American friends):

Lots of sparkle to add to bring shine to your wintery decor. I love the trophy vases - fill them up with ornaments or sprigs of greenery. And the feet on those side tables! A bit of quirk to liven up your look.

I adore this look. The holidays are about entertaining and spending time with friends and this just makes me want to put some tea on. Love how they've put sugar cubes in the little glass box. And I need to find some of those wire baskets with wooden handles. They'd be perfect for storing so many things - linens, magazines, fabric scraps.

I find that HomeSense is really upping its game in the furniture department. Just look at that tufted sofa! Or the Ikat pattern on the back of the armchair. The bookshelves with library ladder are also sold at HomeSense. If only I had the room! If you're going to have bookshelves, might as well go for something as stylish as these.

Do you change out your holiday decorations every year? I find I get bored with mine but then worry if I pick up some "trendy" ornaments, I'll tire of them next year too. This is a look I could live with for the long term. I like how they've displayed the faux hedges very simply in baskets. Might be a nice alternative to doing traditional urns, don't you think?

Anything catch your eye? Or are you just not ready to think about anything holiday yet?


Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post. I really do love HomeSense and wanted to share what's coming in store so you're ready to pounce (because we all know all the good stuff goes fast!)

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  1. Vel Criste12:54 PM

    Wow, lots of eye-candy! I am totally thinking of the holidays already! in fact, I want to remove my halloween decor already NOW! But I'm holding off, for my 2 boys. Anyway, I'm lucky to have been to the Philippines last Christmas, so I bought all my decor this year there! A lot of capiz - ornaments, lanterns, everything native materials, I am so excited even more because my mom will be visiting us for Xmas - this will be one of the best I'm betting! :-)

  2. auntie shan12:54 PM

    MICHAEL'S had Christmas "stuff" on shelf in late JULY!!
    Then again, I'm buying WOOL in the Summer and making Things for my Christmas Craft Sales tables then -- and still not having enough time to do them all! 
    [SHAME-LESS "PLUG" ALERT!!] BTW, if Anyone is looking for a Handmade 100%-Cotton THROW or a nice 100%-Wool HAT as a Holiday gift..? :-D
    Meanwhile, despite Their recent "improvements", I really don't go to HomeSense that often -- probably because I've got enough great [and cheaper] "yard-sale-finds" to *FILL* one of Their stores! However, unlike my Sister [who lives down East] and does ANY Holiday to the nines!! -- [She usually has a "THEME-TREE" in EVERY Room!!] -- I just don't have the space to show them off... :-[
    Anyway, if I may suggest to the Folks here... "CRAFT-SHOW" Season has begun! With PLENTY of wonderful, WELL-made, **LOCAL** Gift and DECORATING Items at better-bang-for-your-buck-Prices! -- So, go out and support Your LOCAL ARTISANS!!

  3. how2home12:54 PM

    These items are fabulous! Need to make a trip to home sense soon to see whats new in the store. All 4 of these themes are so different and so beautifully. Can;t even choose which is my favorite! Which was yours? 

  4. Sneha Seo12:54 PM

    This blog very interesting and informative. I found this blog very useful information.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

    Fantastic Holidays

  5. Those bookshelves are ridiculously gorgeous (I wish I had room!), and the tea accessories? Love, love, love. Need to stop in at my local HS soon!! 

  6. I got my November issue of Style at Home in the mail this week and it prompted me to start thinking about decorating for the holidays, or at least where my tree will go this year. Even though our daughter will be too young to understand her first Christmas, having a child has definitely rejuvenated my excitement for the holidays and holiday decorating!

  7. ramblingrenovators12:54 PM

     Great idea on the ladder! The price is $499 but I believe that is for the ladder and bookcase. Not sure if they sold the ladder separately. Maybe a visit to the store is in order? ;)

  8. I love the silver, shiny stuff, especially the candlesticks! Do you know if this stuff is in stores yet, or is this a preview of what's to come?

  9. Jen Fleming12:54 PM

    Homesense is my Friday after work/afternoon ritual and like IKEA and Costco, I find it hard to walk out without buying things I never knew I always needed :D

    Thinking that side table with the chicken feet may add just the right hit of whimsy between two caned chairs in my living room.  I also love the faux evergreens in baskets.  

    Thanks for the preview!

  10. I love the silver and shiny stuff! I can't wait until it's in store!!!!

  11. Wow - that is all HomeSense?  They are certainly upping their game! This makes me want to visit my local store this weekend to get first dibs on some Christmas stuff, 'cause it's just around the corner!

  12. Linda Clarke12:54 PM

    Oh I try to visit Homesense at least once a month,
    I have my eyes on more mercury glass and large covered jars.
    Yes I have started shopping for Christmas . Can't wait for the first xmas home tour to start .


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