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The Love List

by - Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm loving...

... this post. It reminds me what I thought of photos of my mom when we were young - that she was always beautiful and stylish, even with four littles underfoot. I need to get in the picture more often (even when I have no makeup on and look schlumpy) and give Chloe memories of her own. (Sidenote: I did cut Chloe's way-too-long bangs after this pic!)

... this carriage house build. Built in two days by a team of Amish builders. Awesome.

... Scarlett's bedroom. Christine has created the most divine room for her daughter (and adult women everywhere are jealous).

... this fall hutch. It takes discipline and a keen eye to create such a lush look with a very limited palette!

and this grinch tree, made by me with direction by the uber-talented Bruno. DIY details next week and I'll show you what other fabulous florals Bruno has made for me in the past.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. craftberrybush12:53 PM

    Hey Jen...just catching up on my favourite reads and then BOOM...I see the hutch on your loving list....THANk YOU so almost made me forget that today was Monday....the tree is awesome and the pictures of you and Chloe are the most beautiful thing on this post...xo

  2. isn't Christine incredible with Scarlett's room?  loving that headboard idea!! 

    Wish I had known that you were at Bruno's as well!  Would have love to join your session.  Isn't his shop the most incredible? 

  3. I can't even picture you looking shlumpy! Chloe will definitely remember you beautiful and stylish :) You two are so cute!

  4. Grace_senseandsimplicity12:53 PM

    Sweet photos of you and Chloe and I love your little Grinch tree.

  5. how2home12:54 PM

    Love your list Jen, we're still swooning over Scarlett's room, can't get over how pretty it is ! The picture of you and Chloe are so adorable! Bruno is fabulous, love his work. Worked with him last year at the Canfar event at Hugo Boss and he's such a sweet and talented gentlemen  Looking forward to your post next week :) 

  6. Love your list. The first photo of you and your daughter remind me of a beautiful article written this week from a mom about taking pictures with her kids. Feel free to check it out if you're interested.


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