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Not So Spooky Fall Decor

by - Monday, October 22, 2012

Maybe I'm coming to this realization late, but when it comes to decor, sometimes you need to compromise your adult tastes to keep the littlest members of the household happy. In our house, Autumn and Halloween decorations should fall on the fun and simple side, can't be too scary and definitely nothing that howls, screeches, chatters or otherwise terrifies a 3 year old! Lucky for us, The Home Depot sent us a little gift that was just what Chloe would have picked herself:

Read her mind, they did. She hugged that scarecrow every morning for the three days it sat in our hallway. So even though I'd love to decorate with tasteful pumpkins that are decoupaged, covered in chalkboard paint, or gold glitter, things are looking a bit more traditional around here:

We picked up some fall planters from the grocery store. Hopefully, our black thumbs can keep these ones alive ;) The Home Depot provided some orange lights which we've strung up on the railing and a strobe light which we'll use to scare the littles (but not too much!).

The mini hay bales are from a local farm. I'll be moving them out to the base of the stairs and sit our carved pumpkin there for Halloween.  I've never used hay bales before - I think they're my new favourite fall decoration! These mini pumpkins are the only ones that have survived the last two weeks - our city squirrels and raccoons seem to like eating them.

I wanted to brighten up our black door so I put these removable wall decals I found at the dollar store. They glow in the dark too! (On a side note: our door is a textured fiberglass but I'd be wary of putting decals on a painted wood door. The sun might cause the decals to adhere more strongly and ruin the paint when you tried to remove them).

So that's our fall look - simple and not so spooky! Have you done any decorating? These items are available at The Home Depot for a limited time if you're still in need of some fall decor.


Disclosure: The Home Depot provided me these decorations free of charge, but did not ask me to write a post. The opinions (and Chloe's enthusiasm) expressed are our own.

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  1. so much fun!! Totally cute and not scary at all ... love this new take of Halloween! Those ladies from Home Depot do know how to make this little princess smiles!!

  2. modern_jane12:53 PM

    How happy is she! I think you did a great job of meeting in the middle. Happy mommy and little girl! The front of your house is beautiful btw!

  3. Looks awesome! I like how it's more fall and not too halloween'y - you'll get more longevity out of it! And I also love how happy that little Chloe looks - so adorable :)

  4. Grace_senseandsimplicity12:53 PM

    That hug says it all.  I'm not a fan of scary either, but I can totally get into cute pumpkins and ghosties for Hallowe'en.

  5. stephaniesabbe12:53 PM

    If I had a yard there would be tombstones and cobwebs everywhere:)

  6. lipstikevents12:53 PM

    Everything looks lovely! I'm not a fan of anything too scary and this is perfect!

  7. how2home12:53 PM

    The front of your house looks very lovely !


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