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Pretty Broom Closet!

by - Sunday, October 07, 2012

Ta da! Yes, that is just a broom closet, but I'm pretty darn excited about it. We finally installed all the fittings and got all our cleaning supplies organized. The closet brings me a giant happy smile every time I open it.


I found an organizing rack on sale at Solutions.  I wanted something with adjustable shelves and lots of storage and this one fit the bill. We had painted the walls in fun stripes (its a house wink!) and, like our frosted laundry room door, somehow that whimsical little detail makes the drudgery of house cleaning a little less like work. I actually like opening the door to pull out the broom or vacuum now.

The support brackets for the shelf needed to be screwed into the joists. However, doing that meant that the shelves wouldn't be centered on the wall so instead we installed strips of MDF and screwed the brackets into that. We planned out exactly where the MDF would go and painted them the same as the wall stripes so they're barely noticeable. Another small detail which just makes this little room feel a bit more finished.

The organizer came with a line of hooks.  They were meant to be hanging off the brackets, much too low to the ground, but I wanted to use them for brooms and such. So we found some plastic clips and figured out a way to hang them off the MDF as well. Now the dirty dustpan has a home.

There's still lots of room left in the closet. I think I'll hang some hooks on the right side to hang Chloe's art smocks. And maybe we rig up something to store her giant roll of art paper.

Yay for organization!

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