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DIY: Retro Chair Makeover

by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Things are busy around here. But its a fun kind of busy for the most part so I like having many projects on the go. One thing I managed to strike of the To Do list was the other half of the UsedEverywhere project. I already showed you the two-tone desk makeover and here is the chair re-do...

The chair was a pretty easy makeover candidate. The back rest and seat cushion were only attached to the frame with a few screws. After dismantling the chair, I hand painted the chair frame in three coats of Para Paints Optima Melamine paint in Fog (SR-27). This paint is durable and meant for use on cabinetry or furniture. Then I carefully deconstructed the cushions - removing all the staples and preserving the material so I could use it as a pattern for the new fabric. The old foam and batting had disintegrated so I had to replace that.

I decided to use this snazzy Holland - Vapour fabric from It had the right retro feel and would complement the shape of the chair. I laid out the old fabric and traced it. The old fabric had been machine stitched with some upholstery thread on the corners but I decided just to fold and staple my corners instead so I had to revise the pattern somewhat. New foam on the back rest and cushion was held in place using some spray adhesive.

And with the help of HandyMan I stapled the new fabric in place, trying to keep things nice and tight and the pattern centered. And here is the finished chair...

The fabric really pops in person. I'm pretty happy with how it goes with the paint colour. I could have picked a darker paint, but lately I find I'm moving away from the greys so this muted greeny blue feels just right and fresh.

I wish I could keep the chair but some lucky person is going to win it when UsedEverywhere gives it away at the Blissdom conference. If you're attending Blissdom, come say hi, I'll be at the UsedEverywhere booth on Oct. 20th.

Have you remade over any furniture lately? It always amazes me what a bit of paint and fabric can do!

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