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Inspired Look: Blue Traditional Holiday

by - Friday, November 09, 2012

There's nothing that can get you in the holiday mood more than ogling room upon room decked out in sparkly and shiny baubles. I recently had the chance to do just that when I attended the holiday preview at The Bay. Walking down Christmas Street is always a treat and I love seeing what's new in terms of colours and getting some display and decorating ideas.

Brian Gluckstein, who designed two of the four collections, and Arren Williams, Creative Director of Home Fashions gave us the details on this year's offerings. You can check out the rest of the photos (and find out Brian's favourite item) over on my Facebook page. Surprisingly, one of the collections jumped out at me. Every year, the most popular collection is the traditional red & green decor. To keep it fresh, this year they added in some royal blue:

I thought this was really fun, especially if you are a die-hard traditionalist. Its classic but the blue adds an unexpected element. But how do you incorporate the blue into the decorations you already have? Here's a mood board to give you a few ideas.

I am very into plaids and tartans right now (like the ones I'm using for the basement fabrics). This blue & red one is crisp and bold. To keep the palette from feeling too stark, I'd throw in a bluey green teal. Blues always look great against the whiteness of winter, don't you think? Then I'd add some warmth with touches of red but more russet than bright berry red. Using pomegranates is a great way to bring in this colour. I love this look. Its traditional without feeling fussy or granny-ish. I have no blue ornaments in my stockpile so I might have to pick some up!

What do you think? Would you decorate with blue? Do you buy new ornaments or do you like the sentimentality of pulling the same ones out of the box every year?

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  1. Terri Weston12:50 PM

    Reminds me of a song called," I'll have a blue Christmas without you"
    a sad song so I prefer gold, green, gold red , silver white but not blue.

  2. Grace_senseandsimplicity12:50 PM

    I love the blue plaid.  I could definitely see that in the mix for Christmas.  I usually stick to red and white and metallics (as well as the hodge podge of traditional ornaments we always use).  I used a similar blue plaid as a tablecloth for Thanksgiving and fall.  I just might bring it out again.

  3. Lauren Auciello12:50 PM

    First love your blog.  Secondly Christmas Street this year is a great destination.  You mention that GlucksteinHome designed 2 themes, but they actually have 3! Under The Mistletoe (very whimsical and cozy), Frost (glitzy and glam) and Midnight Moon (rich and masculine).

  4. I was at the bay this week and I am *loving* the black and white they have going on to! My tree is white ceramics, matte and sparkle black baubles, and mercury glass all over. 

  5. All my ornaments are silver and blue, last year I brought in a few red accents and I loved it. I might try pink instead of red with the blue this year.

  6. barbara @hodge:podge12:50 PM

    I love blue but not at Christmas.... I am more into the Scandinavian minimalist Christmas decor! Makes it easy to decorate and take down too!

  7. I am usually not as much into the traditional collection but love how they have refreshed the look with blue! Green, red, and plaid, bring it on!! 

  8. My husband is such a stickler for absolutely no blues in our Christmas decor. I'm not as strict about it as he is, but he insists on only red, green, and metallics. But this is so gorgeous - I love the use of a darker blue rather than that icy-blue that you see so often in Christmas decor!


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