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No Longer A Nursery

by - Monday, November 05, 2012

While Chloe's room was clean last week for the newspaper shoot, I decided to take some updated photos of it. I searched through my archives and the last time I posted photos of the entire room was less than 24 hours before Chloe was born three and a half years ago - and the bench wasn't even finished! Time to show you some new ones :)

We've switched out the costume closet for the play kitchen we made. Chloe still plays with it every day and it has held up really well. We made the kitchen from Ana White's plans. Ana has a new book out, The Handbuilt Home, and I'm itching to try more of her projects.

I just realized I've never posted photos of the finished kitchen fridge here on the blog either. Bad blogger! Its stocked full of play food, like the Melissa and Doug Sushi Set and Cutting Food. Love love love these wooden food sets - they're my go-to birthday gift for little ones. 

The narrow shelves above have turned into a rotating art gallery. Right now, they hold some of her favourite books, a scrapbox I made of her 2nd birthday party, and a butterfly monogram that was a gift from Beatrice. The lilypad painting is by me, the first and only real painting I've ever done. Wish I had more time to develop that hobby (seems like all the bloggers are doing that these days!).

I've also changed up the artwork over the dresser. There's my favourite limited edition armadillo photo by Catherine Ledner, who created that whole chic animal photography genre. And there's the mini dress form I found at an antique fair wearing Chloe's Halloween costume from last year. I can also finally display the Muji Paris blocks without fear that Chloe will eat petites l'autos.

The bed hasn't changed much. The doily display still hangs over our DIY headboard. I have changed out the triangle bunting for the rainbow flag bunting from Chloe's birthday this year. Its become a bit of a tradition... each year, I put some of the decorations from her birthday into her bedroom and she gets to enjoy them a little bit longer. 

So that's how things are looking. Not a whole lot different but more big girl bedroom than nursery. And yes, we still do plan to move Chloe into the smaller room after we're done with the basement. Just don't hold your breath for that one, okay? ;)

Have you done any redecorating in your home lately? I love the big renovation projects but sometimes, it just feels good to freshen things up with a few tweaks here and there.

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