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Christmas Gift for Preschool

by - Monday, December 17, 2012

A few weeks ago, I attended an event for Brother Canada where each of us bloggers in attendance were lucky enough to take home one of their Business Smart Inkjet All-in-one printers. I know, so awesome, right? I couldn't wait to use the printer and as it turns out, I had a printing project ready to go.

I wanted to make a little Christmas gift for Chloe's preschool classmates but I didn't want anything too 'cheap and disposable'. It always saddens me a little when Chloe comes home with treats from classmates or from birthday parties and they immediately fall apart or get ignored and not even touched. So when Chloe stole all the jingle bells off our tree and walked around with them hanging off her wrist all last week, inspiration hit. Why not make individual Santa's Bells in keepsake bags for the little ones?

- T-Shirt Transfer paper
- 4"x6" cotton bags
- computer program (e.g. Photoshop, Word, Powerpoint)

1. Cut a 12" piece of ribbon. Slip through the bell and tie a knot at one end.
2. Print out a poem and glue to the craft tags. This is the poem I wrote:
The bells on Santa's sleigh
Guide reindeer on their way
As they bring gifts and toys
To all the girls and boys
So listen for the ring
Of bells that sway and swing
Because if these bells you hear
It means Santa Claus is near!
3. Push the ribbon knot through the grommet of the craft tag. 

4. Use your software to create the image that will be ironed onto the cotton bags. I personalized each bag because what kid doesn't like to see their name on things!* Be sure to "flip" the image before you print it so it will print correctly on the transfer paper. Iron the images onto the cotton bags.

Along with the bell,  I also put a festive pencil, eraser, and nut-free chocolate into the bag.

And here's the finished bags, all lined up. I hope Chloe's friends like them! Best of all, once they're done with the treats, the kids can use the bags to carry around their favourite tiny teensy little things. Now I just have to put something together for the teachers and I can move onto the rest of my shopping list. Yes, I'm still not done!

Do you make gifts for your kid's classmates? What have you done? I'm always looking for ideas.

* On a side note, I hadn't planned on making Chloe a bag, but as we were stuffing them, she said "Mommy, can you make me a bag? Because I'll be sad if everybody gets one and I don't". So true. She needs to join in on the jingle bell fun too! I just told her to act surprised when she opens the bag ;)

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