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The Simplest Easter Decoration Ever

Is it just me or does it feel like Easter snuck up on you too? I could swear I just put away the Christmas decorations and Valentine's tree yesterday. This is one of the holidays I like to keep things easy... egg colouring with the little one, putting together a basket, hiding eggs around the house. For decor, I've added the simplest Easter decoration ever to my spring mantle:

Chicks in jars! All you need is some crinkle paper and craft chicks from the dollar store. Put them in a small mason jar and you're done.

The lamp is a new addition too. It's a mix and match base and lampshade from Target.

Have you done any Easter crafting or decorating? Here's another last minute Easter idea for the little ones. I still have to go back out and buy more Easter chocolates. I may or may not have eaten all the mini peanut butter cups already.

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