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A Princess Birthday Party

by - Monday, April 15, 2013

On the weekend, we threw a party for a princess. Our little Chloe turned 4 and ten little princesses from across the land donned their prettiest princess gowns for the occasion. They had to visit the castle, after all.

We started with some crafts. The new basement provided ample space for merriment. There was a colouring table and a crown making station...

and we played a game of Snow White's Poison Apple (aka hot potato). The girls paid a visit to Cinderella's Beauty Salon...

Stick-on earrings, tattoos, candy necklaces, blingy rings and nail polish... we had everything needed to accessorize the girls' royal attire.

Even Chloe's magnetic wall got the party treatment. I found these magnetic dress-up Cinderella and Belle dolls at the Dollar Store (as I did most of the party supplies).

And with crowns on their heads and pink glittery nails all dried, the girls hopped into their carriages and took a trip to visit Princess Chloe's castle...

Chloe's new bedroom is still being renovated and painted so we had the chance to use the whole room as castle central. In the days leading up to the party, we embellished the cardboard boxes a little more - and then a little bit more. The paper covered floor got the addition of a fun stone walkway and the princesses had to crawl across the drawbridge to avoid being snapped by the crocodile in the moat!

But princesses get tired from all their royal duties so we headed down for the feast...

And the Princess was presented with the ruffliest pink cake ever, topped with more dollar store princesses and washi tape bunting.

And all the ladies in the land wished our big girl a Happy 4th Birthday. That tiny wee baby...

had now grown into a true princess.

We love you Chloe!

Mom & Dad

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