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The Love List

by - Friday, April 12, 2013

Autumn certainly has a way with tile. I love her ingenious mix of tile from Home Depot and cut slate.

It's American National Architecture Week. She's got a fun roundup of posts. Craving more? You can always buy this book and this book which HandyMan and I wrote together.

Suzanne is renovating her basement and you know its going to be good - I mean, you have seen her cottage, right?

My cousin Peter uploaded this video that his co-worker's wife filmed. And it went viral.

Black and white never looked so good.

No room for a craft area? Sure you do.

Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging. Grab a coffee. This will take a while.

IKEA, you do vintage well. The industrial Fabrikor cabinet should be popping up at your local store soon.

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