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My Wedding Dress

I'm not one to enter giveaways much. But Emma was hosting a giveaway that I hoped I would win - a custom painting by Toronto based illustrator and filmmaker Sarah Lazarovic. That is how I came to own this beautiful reminder of my wedding day.

In 2012, Sarah went on a shopping diet and instead of purchasing all the beautiful shoes and dresses she coveted, she painted them.

I asked Sarah to paint the dress that I loved most, my wedding dress. I still have the dress. Its stuffed in a box along with my DIY dyed blue crinoline. My memories of that day are stuffed in there too, gathering dust, small moments forgotten.

What I haven't forgotten is how beautiful I felt in that dress. I hadn't always felt that way, even when I bought it. I had no overwhelming confidence that this was "the dress" that most brides to be do. But on my wedding day, from the moment I slipped it on... felt the lace layers weigh heavy upon me... the satin ribbon run the length of my back... it suddenly felt right.

I'm amazed that Sarah was able to capture my feelings in her painting. I look at her interpretation of my dress and remember the happiness of that love-filled day. I remember how Sean looked when he saw me in that dress.

And now I can enjoy that feeling every day. What's your most treasured item of clothing?

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