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Etsy Art For Girls' Rooms

by - Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chloe has been sleeping in her new {unfinished} room for a few days now and she is loving it. One of her favourite things to do is trace the patterns in her wallpaper. She'll follow the curve of the swans backs with her finger, count the leaves, and ask me sweet questions like "why does the swan have his head in the water". I like that even though the wallpaper has a sophisticated pattern, there is something in it that speaks to the mind of a 4 year old.

As Chloe's room get's closer to completion, I've started my search for artwork. Like the wallpaper, I want the art to be something she can grow into and appreciate more as time passes. Kid's art doesn't  have to be just simple word art or cartoonish illustrations. It can be original paintings, fine art prints, and limited edition photography too. I believe exposing a child to different art forms helps them see what is possible and inspires their own creativity. Here's a roundup of inspiring art from Etsy for a girl's room:

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