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Seen + Scenes

It's a long weekend here so I am still in relax mode. The past week has been a busy one so I thought I'd share some of life lately via photos from my iPhone...

We worked a bit more on Chloe's bedroom. HandyMan made a 3D model (his idea of fun!) and we spent a good hour at the dining room table Saturday night trying to figure out how to actually build the thing. If you've ever built cabinetry or millwork, you'll know a lot of the work goes into the sequencing and figuring out which pieces to build and affix first, what screws or glues into what, and the most efficient dimensions to prevent wastage. We're trying to build the thing out of scraps of plywood and MDF left over from the basement renovation so that's adding another layer of complexity. 

After almost eight years of renovating together, I've come to realize that our most heated discussions happen at this stage of the process. It all works out in the end though :)

Chloe has had a fun couple of days. She and I took a trip to Ikea where she was finally tall enough to go into the Ikea playland. If that wasn't enough excitement, we took home this cardboard lemonade stand (only $12!) with us. You know we have a thing for cardboard around here.

West Elm had their summer preview for media. I love their products and was so inspired by their store displays. This giant pegboard was so awesome. How cool would it be to have that in a mudroom or home office? We have one wall in the garage covered in pegboard and it is super functional. The paper bougainvillea display was another great DIY. I like how the 2x4 wood rustic frame holding the paper flowers worked with the wood tones of the lamps and coffee table.

We had the basement bathroom wallpapered the same time as Chloe's bedroom. I've been debating what to use in there and I finally went with one my long-standing loves... Coronata Star from Osborne & Little. It looks even better than I hoped! The black is the perfect contrast to the crisp white wainscot. It feels all a bit modern country with the hooks and label holders.

And no, I haven't given you a tour of the finished basement bathroom. Its not quite finished because I didn't want to decide on a window covering until I decided on the wallpaper so that is still up in the air. We also wanted frameless glass for the shower but the quotes came back at $1000+ for a 2'x6' pane of glass!! That is so not in the budget right now so you can guess who just bought a new shower curtain ;)

Anything new on your home front?

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