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Rose Coloured Glasses

by - Thursday, July 04, 2013

What social media outlet is your favourite? Facebook? Twitter? My favourite by far is Instagram. Maybe its the voyeur in me, but I like seeing what my friends and favourite bloggers are up to. I like seeing those more personal unguarded moments, those photos that don't make it onto the blog.

I like sharing my photos too - not just for my followers, but for myself as well. Instagram is like a visual diary. Its easy to relive memorable moments just by looking through your photo stream. But, like a blog, what you put on Instagram is an edited version of reality. Look through my photos and you might think my life is filled with sunny days and a little girl who is always happy and smiling. NOT TRUE. (I won't tell you how many tears and tantrums we've had just today.)

The use of apps and filters can enhance this emotion (deception?). Flowers are more beautiful when rendered in dramatic black and white...


...a simple childhood moment becomes filled with nostalgia with a few chosen words of text

... and fancy fonts transform yesterday's solemn photo into this decade's version of a Successories motivational poster. 

Though I'm guilty of it, I wonder how much of my life do I want to portray through (virtual) rose coloured glasses? Why do we feel the need to pizzazz and zhush our lives? A well-placed crop here, a lighten and sharpen filter there... why isn't showing life as is enough? Sometimes, I feel like I'm looking more than I'm seeing. That I'm more focused on capturing the moment than being in it. Do you ever feel like that?

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