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A Fabric Dilemma

by - Monday, September 30, 2013

Decorating can be difficult. At least, that's what I'm feeling these days. I've been wanting to finish off a few projects around the house and I just can't seem to "get it done". We made such great progress with Chloe's bedroom. The wallpaper was installed, we organized her closet. HandyMan made an awesome window bench + bookcase, and we installed some hanging storage. And then things just sat. And sat.

A few more pieces fell into place, like the rug we added and the storage bench we placed at the end of her bed. To repeat the gray/silver tones and save on the budget, I've also decided to use gray fabric leftover from the basement banquette for the built-in bench. The girl needs her pink so she picked out some pink sheets which I topped with a subtle gold dot duvet cover. But the one thing that is eluding me is which fabric to use for the roman blind for the window.

There is a lot of visual chaos on this side of the room from all the toys, costumes, books, and rainbow-coloured "stuff" that any four-year old has. One part of me says go with a plain solid for the blind, but paired with the solid fabric for the bench cushion, it feels a little boring. The other part of me wants to go a bit crazy and colourful - its a kid's room after all! Since the two sides aren't really talking, we're living with a bath towel tacked up over the window. Truth.

Maybe you can help... what would you do with this window? Know of any fabulous fabrics that will just pull this whole room together?

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  1. Actually you can do both.. sorta... That YELLOW ARROW is in itself an inspiration! -- Since you have so much grey and the wallpaper is "delicate"... why not try a Chromo-Scaled thickish loose-weave of YELLOW. -- A dark, denser shade on one end, graduating to a pale yellow on the other... Better yet, perhaps start a corner - as the SUN - then radiate [as in washout] the tonal scale out...
    That way you'll get your SOLID, a *subtle* Pattern, and something "Unique"!


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