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Faux Burlap Bunting

by - Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I love the fall. I love adding a touch of coziness to the home, adding in layers, textures, and deeper, richer colours. But I find the season is much too short and before you know it, there's a foot of snow on the ground. I hesitate to spend money on strictly fall decor so I wanted to find a way to update my summer accessories and make them more suited to the season.

I've had a boxwood wreath on my front door all summer and the bright sunlight has taken its toll. In a few weeks, it'll be replaced by our red berry wreath but for now I decided to give it some autumn flair by adding a faux burlap bunting.

First, I searched online for an image of burlap and found this one. Using photoshop I added some floral icons and letters on top of the image to spell Give Thanks. I printed it off on my home printer, cut out the letters, and strung them together with ribbon.

Originally, the flags were rectangular but I thought they looked much cuter with the triangular cutout at the bottom.

It's a simple change but just enough to carry us through the season. If I want to get even more life out of this boxwood, I might spray paint it gold and add a new Christmas bunting. Reuse and recycle, the best kind of decorating :)

Want faux burlap bunting of your own? I've created a printable for you.

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