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End of Summer

by - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Did you enjoy the last long weekend of the summer? One more weekend to savor the warm breezes, the lazy days, and spontaneous agendas.

We filled our weekend up with the best of summer - a day at the park, a day at the beach, a day at Canada's Wonderland. There were Dairy Queen blizzards and lots of slushie drinks consumed. I taught Chloe how to build a sand castle and she reminded me how fun it was to hunt for rocks. The days were picture perfect.

I couldn't resist practicing the photo tips Ashley taught me and try to capture the story of this summer. All of these photos were edited with VSCOcam, an amazing app. I hadn't been to the park in over a decade so it was wonderful to see it through the eyes of a child. I thought I was past the days of riding rides that put my heart in my throat - but Chloe's bravado inspired me. Watching her scream herself silly on the roller coaster over and over again brought me back to my youth. So I dared myself to climb back into my favourite ride - and there I found peace, sitting seatbeltless as my body was whipped around upside down.

This summer has been a challenging one, filled with work and busyness and the self-doubt that comes with wondering where it will all lead. I was glad to feel fifteen again, if only for a summer's afternoon. I was reminded that though time passes quickly, you can turn back the days and be brave as you were before you strapped on the responsibilities of adulthood and limited tomorrows.

We drove by my old childhood home too. Isn't she pretty? The weekend was a bit of a time warp - as the best of summers are. One more for the books. I hope yours was grand!

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