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Put A Frame On It

by - Sunday, September 01, 2013

One of my favourite craft projects that I ever made was this one, my milk bottle cap art:

To this day, I enjoy seeing it in my kitchen. It adds that bold pop of colour against all the white cabinetry and brings a bit of fun to the room. It got me to thinking what else you could mount in a frame to create instant art. There are so many great ideas I've seen on Pinterest and in decor magazines so I poked around on Etsy for just the right items. If you're looking for a little something to liven up your walls, consider framing these unusual objects:

Vintage Swimsuits: In a beach house, guest room, or bathroom, framed swimsuits are a cheeky way to bring in some cheerful colour.

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Multiples: Seemingly boring items look great when clustered together. Keys, drink caps, buttons... mount them against a plain background to let their colour and shape really stand out.

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Numbers and Letters: Display significant dates or words that have meaning in a frame to create personalized graphic art

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Brassy Metal: Old worn metal in a crisp frame can add instant vintage appeal to your space. I like the idea of putting a single object centered in a very large mat for a vintage meets contemporary look.

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Quirky things: Art can be fun. Why not put framed seed packets in your kitchen? Or vintage phone dials hanging above your bedside table? Metal bobbins in your craft room? Most anything can be transformed into art!

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I like that you can take something inexpensive or even unattractive and mount it in a frame and it becomes instantly stylish. Have you ever created your own framed art? What did you frame?

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  1. First off, I "collect" EVERYTHING! However... As a kid, I used to collect BINGO CARDS! I think I had over 2000 at the time! Wish I had them now to do something FUNKY! -- Not to mention my BATMAN Card collection to "PAY" for the FUNKY!


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