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Blogger Business Card Inspiration

by - Monday, October 07, 2013

If you've ever been to a blogger conference, you'll know that we are 'paper people'. We like our notebooks, pretty labels, and, even in this digital age, appreciate a well-designed business card. I thought I'd share some of the business card inspiration I found from the bloggers at BlogPodium in case you're looking to design a card of your own.

Classic Black & White

If you're fond of white space, contrast, and a crisp, clean look, then a black and white business card might be your top choice. With these cards, your font choice takes centre stage. A simple layout looks best and you can add a highlight with a small gold accent or single hit of colour.

Creative Use of Imagery

Are you a food blogger? Do you have magazine-worthy rooms in your home? Why not share your photos on your business card and give a sense of your style, taste, and talent? If you're a decorator or designer, this is a great way to show off your portfolio and attract potential clients.

Focus on Fonts and Logos

A well chosen font or unique logo can convey a lot about your brand or blog. Sans serif or with serif, script, handmade, or monospace, fonts give an instant first impression. Need some font suggestions? Brittany rounds up some font Do's (and Don'ts!)

Extra Special Touches

Want to make your card stand out from the pack? Incorporate special touches that will make them memorable. Make them postcard sized or tiny mini cards. Print them on craft paper or go for luxury and have them letterpressed. A little bit of shimmer, a line of stitching, hot pink edges... little surprises that appeal to the eyes and to the touch. Are you a DIYer? Why not hand-stamp your cards or include a mini DIY? Creative business cards will get you noticed.

Go For Colour

Bold, beautiful colour. Use it sparingly or be daring, but if you have a blog, make sure to keep it consistent with your blog palette.

Amazing inspiration, right? In the next post, I'll share my Top 10 favourites and what you should include on your blog business card. In the meantime, do any of these cards appeal to you?

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