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Top 10 Blogger Business Cards

by - Wednesday, October 09, 2013

So much amazing inspiration in the previous post. A few cards really stood out to me so here's my Top 10 business cards from BlogPodium and what I loved about them:


1. Peonies and Brass - I love the watercolour look of Elyse's cards. A replica of her blog header, the design helps convey what her blog is about: things pretty, feminine, and stylish
2. Love On Sunday - Amy's business card was a standout. Gold foil, letterpress, a hot pink edging... it definitely impressed. So much so that Emma Reddington, Home Editor at Chatelaine selected Amy's card as best design and Amy gets to spend a day behind the scenes of a Chatelaine photo shoot. Lucky girl!


3. Northstory - I love the simple and Canadian aesthetic of Alex's card with its wood veneered maple leaf. Alex - we need a DIY tutorial on this stat!
4. Audrey's - Giulia is a food blogger whose site is filled with fabulous, mouth-watering photography. She's combined her blog logo with her photography to create one pretty irresistible card.
5. Designwali - Sundeep's blog, devoted to modern design with a South Asian touch, is full of bold, luscious colour. Her card captures that essence and really entices you to click through and see what the blog is all about.
6. Heather Watterworth - Heather is a communicator and blogger. With a simple but attractive design, crisp font, and ample white space, Heather's card is able to show the power of a clear message.
7. Country Chic Renovator - Danica's cards (designed by her sister!) are deceptively simple. Only on closer inspection do you notice the clever details: the house silhouette, the perfect pairing of fonts, the QR code. I especially love a card that feels good in your hand and this one was smooth, silky, and just the right weight.
8. Sonia Mansillo - Sonia's card features icons of a feather quill & ink, scissors, gears, an egg beater and the tagline "I make stuff". The icons are a smart way to convey a lot of information in an uncomplicated way.
9. Lisa Canning - Lisa is a talented interior stylist. Her business card strikes just the right note with thick cardstock and colourful photo of a room Lisa designed.
10. Gallery No. 8 - Brittany is a graphic designer and her two-sided business card showcases her skills. The black and white palette and simple text are classic Brittany and give you a sense of her style.

These cards might not be the flashiest, the most unique or extremely creative. But what I love about these cards is that they are consistent with the branding and aesthetic of the blogger. They are also straightforward, containing only the most basic information. What should you include on your blogger business card? These elements are a must have:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Blog/website url
  • Title. An important point: if you are using your blog to launch a new career or business, "own" your job title. A Freelance Writer, Social Media Consultant, Interior Stylist - whatever you want to be, use that title on your card. You don't have to be "just" a blogger
  • Your most active social media handle (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
Other optional information:
  • Other social media accounts
  • Phone number
  • QR code
Do you have business cards for your blog or business? I've collected so many at conferences but they're all so pretty, I can't bear to throw them out!

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