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How To Dress A Bottle

Time is running short these days but I managed to squeeze in a fun and easy DIY for our Pancakes & Pajamas party. What's cuter than a milk bottle? A milk bottle with a felt scarf :) Make one in five easy steps:

1. Gather your materials - milk bottle, scrap felt, glitter glue, white glue

2. Cut a 1.25" strip of felt long enough to wrap around the neck of the bottle with excess.
3. About 2" from the bottom, cut a slit to allow the other short side to pass through

4. Add some embellishments like fringe or glitter decorations. Attach fringe using white glue. Note: if you're using glitter glue, let the glue dry overnight before using the scarf.

5. Grab a nearby bottle and dress it for a Canadian winter ;)

Wouldn't this be a cute way to add some festive flair to that bottle of wine you're bringing to the neighbours? It would make an easy craft for a kids party too. I went a little scarf-happy myself and made a whole wardrobe for our party drinks...

They look so cute with the flag stickers from Minted and its an easy way to tell whose drink belongs to whom. Scarves for everyone! Hope you had a good weekend.

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