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The Love List

by - Friday, December 20, 2013

In the rare case you're not shopping, gift wrapping, working, cooking, or trudging your way through the snow today, here's a few lovely things to check out:

Lauren's new shop has the same relaxed, natural vibe as all her designs

I'll be bringing these crab cakes to our family Christmas eve dinner. So, so good.

These father-daughter photos have me a little choked up

This Christmas tree is simple but sweet

An adorable girl's room

Nicole's first attempt at watercolouring is inspiring

I'm totally going to try this hairstyle over the holidays

This bracelet would make a great DIY gift for your best girl friend

Speaking of DIY, I made these goodie bags for our Pancakes & Pajamas party. Mini cotton bags just might be my favourite thing ever (as evidenced here and here). Chloe and her cousins can use the bags after to hold their very important rocks, toys, and crayons.

The cutest little village

Great blogging tips for the new year

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